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Community Upgrade: What’s New... a tutorial [updated 8/12/11]

Last post May 22, 2012 12:23 PM by sstetzel . 119 replies.

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  • Community Upgrade: What’s New... a tutorial [updated 8/12/11]

    Hello, and welcome to our new Community! We strongly encourage you to take the time to read through this thread to familiarize yourself with what has changed and what’s new. (We also encourage you to refer other members to this thread.) While there are multiple ways to access this thread, it will live within the “Taste of Home Forum Help” forum section.


    I know some may question why we made changes in the first place. Essentially, we needed to stay current with the software that runs our Community so we can take advantages of new features and functionality in the future. We made every attempt to keep things as close to the old format as we could and still make some very necessary improvements.  That said, some things had to be changed, keep reading to learn about those changes.


    Thank you for participating in our Community!


    Known bugs:

    - Email alerts from forum threads. [Fixed 8/12/11] At long last, this biggest of problems has been resolved!

    - Time zone. Your time zone may be off. [Fixed: 6/21/11]

    - Forum Jump: Not all forum sections are listed currently. [Fixed: 5/20/11]

    - "See who is online now" currently isn't working

    -  Some users are not able to login and participate. We are aware of this problem, have it isolated, and hope the have it fixed very soon. In the mean time, PLEASE do not create a new account. We will have your old account back up and running soon. Thank you for your patience. [Fixed: 5/16/11]

    - Service Unavailable (503 errors): This is a intermittent error that our developers are trying to resolve. [Patch in place. Complete fix expected soon.] [Fixed 6/5/11]

    - Online indicator. (Icon appears near your avatar showing others when you're online.) The developers are looking to see if we can get this added at the forum thread level. [Fixed]

    - Change Avatar: Updating your avatar may return our generic "heart" avatar. [Fixed: 5/20/11]

    - Color change on links you've visited (within forum sections). Developers investigating to see if it's possible to change a link you've visited from our orange link color to another color to indicated you've visited that link. [Fixed: 6/28/11]

    - Community link missing from site-wide search results page. [Fixed: 5/20/11]

     - Find a member (in Shortcuts box): [Fixed 6/7/11] See "Shortcuts Box" below for update.

    What has changed:


    >> General


    - Blogs: We have completely removed Blogs from the site. We encourage your to visit our blog at


    - Community home page: The Community home page has a new look, featuring:

    • Forum Highlights: This box gives newcomers a glimpse at some topics being discussed in the forum. The most recent posts from the Recipes forum section are featured in this box. To go to the Forum home page, click the “Go to all forums” in the upper right corner of the Forum Highlights box.
    • Group Highlights: Brief description of our Groups with a link to Groups home page.
    • Share Your Favorite Recipes: A promotion encouraging users to submit recipes to our magazines or various contests.
    • My Stuff: If you’re logged in, you’ll see a My Stuff box at the very bottom of the Community home page. Your most recent Forum Posts and Highly Rated Recipes will appear in this area. A similar box is on your new My Page (accessible by clicking your username next to “Welcome back...” at the top of the right column).


    - Friends: Friendships now require verification or a “handshake.” To add someone as a friend, go to that person’s My Page and click “Add [screen name] as a friend.” That person will then need to confirm you as a friend. (This differs from the old forum. On the old forum, you could add anyone as a friend. When you did, you became one of their “Fans” and appeared on their My Page as a Fan. That person appeared as one of your Friends on your My Page. Fans have been eliminated on the new forum and Friendships now involve the “handshake” mentioned above.) Once a friendship has been confirmed, you can find your Friends in the right column of your My Page.


    - Private Messages: UPDATE 6/2/11: You now have the choice whether you want to receive Private Messages from only your friends, or from any Community member. To set your personal preference, click the "My Profile" link (in the Welcome Back box at the top of the right column) and adjust your setting within the Conversations Configuration area. When finished, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the green Save Profile button.


    - Community Search: Members have been asking for this improvement for a long time, so we happy to say there is now a search feature that defaults to searching the Community first, instead of recipes from You can find the Community Search at the top of most Community pages. (The overall site search still appears at the very top of every page, above the navigation bar and near our logo. That site search functions as it always has: defaults to recipes, but offers a link to view Community results.)


    - Shortcuts Box: The right column of the Community has been streamlined. For example, within a forum thread/topic in the old forum you would see boxes for All Forums, Group Forums, Shortcuts, Active Posts, and Unanswered Posts. Now there is simply just one Shortcuts box, which features the following:

    • View all Forums: Links to the Forums home page.
    • View all Groups: Links to the Groups home page.
    • NEW! Topic Dashboard: Instead of showing a box with Active Posts and Unanswered Posts within each thread, the Topic Dashboard provides each user with their forum activity in four tabs across the top of the page:
      • All Recent: All of the most recent posts throughout the entire forum
      • Unanswered: Topics that haven’t received a reply
      • Unread: Topics you haven’t read
      • Your Discussions: Topics you’ve been a part of
    • See who is online now
    • Find a member NEW! As of 6/7/11, the page now displays a listing of members based on total post count. In addition, you can now search for a member on that page by using the Search Community box which has been added.
    • Set up Email Alerts


    Here is what’s missing from the new Shortcuts box:

    • View Blog Posts: Blogs no longer exist on our site
    • Browse All Tags: Tags are no longer used throughout Community



    >> Forums


    - Forum threads are displayed in list with the most recently active thread appearing atop the forum section (just like the old forum). New to this forum is a set of tabs across the top of each forum section. Those tabs will give you instant access to All Recent (Most current discussions), Unanswered (threads no one has responded to yet), Unread (active threads you haven’t read yet) and Your Discussions (Threads you’ve taken an active role in).


    - Replying: Responding to a thread has never been easier! When you open a thread, you’ll find a reply box waiting below the last post. Type your response in that box and hit the green Reply button. Simple as that!


    NOTE: That quick reply box stays at the very bottom of the forum thread, so on longer threads you can get the reply box to appear by hitting the green Reply button below any post.


    Looking for all the fun stuff that goes with the old forum’s Reply feature? Like Quoting, Smiley’s, adding photos, etc.? Simply click on “Use Rich Formatting” by the “Reply” button (or click “Post Reply” at the top of the thread) and the page will refresh with a new reply window and a tool bar containing all your old features (plus a couple new options).

    Editing your post: There's an "Edit" link below each post you create. Look in the gray bar, to the left of the green "Reply" button. [NEW! Added 5/16/11.]

    - Favorites: Click “Mark as a Favorite” at the top of any thread to add the discussion to your Favorite Forum Posts on your “My Page.”


    - Sorting: You can now sort threads/topics within each forum section by Topic (alphabetical), Date (newest to oldest is default, click for oldest to newest), or Replies (most replies or least replies).


    - Sharing tools: At the bottom of the first post in each thread is a chance to share the thread on Facebook, Twitter, or any number of other social media sites (click the Share button for other choices).


    - Contact options: You might notice the Contact button is gone but you can still get in touch with your friends by clicking on their screen name, which will take you to their My Page. Just remember: you need to be friends with that person in order to send them a private message. You can still see a specific user’s posts by clicking the number under their avatar. That option will still bring up a list of their posts from newest to oldest.


    - Forum Jump: Coolest new feature (in my opinion)! Near the top of any forum section or forum thread, there’s a Forum Jump feature. This pull-down menu let’s you jump from the page you’re on to another forum section. (This replaces the “All Forums” list that appeared in the right column of forum threads on the old forum.)

    - Updating your forum signature: Click the “My Profile” link at the top of the right column. (Similarly, you can also access this some information by click the edit link next to About Me on your My Page.)


    >> Groups


    - Navigation for each individual Group (e.g. Budget Living) is greatly improved. The forum topics for each group now appear on the group's home page.


    - We’ve made Group Membership much clearer now.  If you open a post in a Group you’re not a member of yet, a clearly displayed note at the top reminds you to join.



    >> My Page


    Top of the Page:

    - Avatar: To change your avatar, click the Change Avatar link below your current avatar.

    - Friends and friend requests: Click this link to view your current friends and to confirm any new friend requests.

    - Manage my private information: Go here to update your private information, including your mailing address, e-mail newsletter subscriptions, as well as your Password for our site. Once changes are made to this page, you must scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click the Save button. Click “Change Password” on the right side of the page to update your password.

    - Home Town: To update your home town, click the edit link next to About Me lower on the page.


    Left column:

    - My Stuff: Displays of your most recent forum activity and your highest rated recipes from

    - About Me: Like the old forum, this area lets you tell other members about you via the About Me, My Greatest Cooking Triumph, My Biggest Kitchen Disaster, My Food For Thought, and My Interests fields. Click the edit link to update any of the fields or to update your home town, time zone, or forum signature.


    Right column (below the ads):

    - Favorites: Displays the forum threads you’ve marked as favorites, as well as a tab listing your Friends.

    - My Groups shows the groups you’re a member of.


    Erik Bergstrom

  • Re: Community Upgrade: What’s New... a tutorial [updated 5/14/11]

    Is Political Chat gone?  Maybe I looking in the wrong place.

  • Re: Community Upgrade: What’s New... a tutorial [updated 5/14/11]

    The smilies are just a blank page when I click on the smiley in rich formatting.





  • Re: Community Upgrade: What’s New... a tutorial [updated 5/14/11]

    LOL - That is my first question too!!!

    Hope it's still there--one of the comments said all the forums "didn't go through" - whatever that means.

    I also tried to click on a couple of old posts and nothing happens.

    Scarlett in FL



    O.F.G. Rainbow over the River

  • Re: Community Upgrade: What’s New... a tutorial [updated 5/14/11]

    Political chat is not gone.


  • Re: Community Upgrade: What’s New... a tutorial [updated 5/14/11]

    Is there a way(I don't see it, anyway) to go to the newest post in a(long) post?

    Thanks, Linda

  • Re: Community Upgrade: What’s New... a tutorial [updated 5/14/11]

    THANK YOU!!  Thank you!  THANK YOU!  Thanks!  Merci Beaucoup!!


    I see that Apple computers and Safari users can now post recipes without them ending up being one long hard to read that way!!!



  • Re: Community Upgrade: What’s New... a tutorial [updated 5/14/11]

    cllw - you can click on the last page number of a thread after opening it, that will take you to the most recent postings.  


  • Re: Community Upgrade: What’s New... a tutorial [updated 5/14/11]

    Some of the changes were necessary but why did you make it so the text is smaller and it is a format like a word processor. All the homeiness of this is gone. I really dislike all these changes. The older versions had much bigger text and were much nicer to look at. Too bad we need to go backwards to add a few features not everybody will even use.

    To everything there is a Time, Season and Purpose
  • Re: Community Upgrade: What’s New... a tutorial [updated 5/14/11]

    I like the "Start a Conversation" feature. Is this the same as a personal message?


      We'll light up the sky, we'll open up the clouds, 'cause baby tonight, we're beautiful now.


  • Re: Community Upgrade: What’s New... a tutorial [updated 5/14/11]


    I like the "Start a Conversation" feature. Is this the same as a personal message?

    Yes (I had to go find it to see what you were talking about, LOL)


  • Re: Community Upgrade: What’s New... a tutorial [updated 5/14/11]

    I agree plumcrazy,



    Wattle Paradise

  • Re: Community Upgrade: What’s New... a tutorial [updated 5/14/11]

    but why did you make it so the text is smaller

    Plum when things settle down I'll ask them if they can change the default on this. The text is very small.


  • Re: Community Upgrade: What’s New... a tutorial [updated 5/14/11]

    Is there a way to tell when a poster is online, by their name, in the box? There use to be the little chat icons next to your username. Am I missing something?

    I know he said the "who's online" isn't working. Is that the deal?


  • Re: Community Upgrade: What’s New... a tutorial [updated 5/14/11]

    Supe I haven't seen that & to be honest, I didn't pay attention when it was in testing.  If it is there - it's not working at the moment.