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Mini Crockpot Recipes???

Last post Oct 08, 2010 9:05 AM by NYBirder . 16 replies.

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  • Mini Crockpot Recipes???

    Does anyone have any recipes for the Little Dipper crockpots?  They are the right size, but cannot find recipes for them.  Appreciate your help!

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    There is another thread on this subject you may want to visit:

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    The recipes given on that other thread were mostly appetizers and dips.  Are you looking for meals for one or two?  Am I to assume that the Little Dipper is about 1 quart in size?  If so, stay tuned, and I will supply you will some dinner recipes.  Just let me know what you are looking for.


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    Yes, it is 1 quart.

    I would really appreciate dinner or even desserts.  I am a full time student and trying to keep every thing in balance...the little crockpot helps!  Right now I often use it for leftovers, so they don't dry out and retain their flavor.  I am not a fan of microwaved food, always said it is the most expensive popcorn popper I ever bought.



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    Crockette Chicken in a Pot

    1 small carrot -- sliced
    1/2 stalk celery -- sliced
    3 thin onion slices
    2 chicken pieces (up to 3--breasts/thighs)
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1 dash pepper
    2 tablespoons water
    Basil leaves

    Place vegetables in bottom of Crockette.
    Arrange chicken on top.
    Add salt and pepper.
    Pour water over all.
    Sprinkle with basil leaves, if desired.
    Cover; cook 7 to 10 hours





    2 cups milk
    1/3 cup rice
    1/4 cup sugar
    1 egg 1 tsp butter
    1 tsp vanilla
    1/8 tsp cinnamon
    pinch of salt
    pinch of nutmeg

    Grease Crockette
    Dissolve sugar in milk and mix all ingredients together in Crockette.
    Cook for about 3 to 4 hours, stirring occasionally.


    Susan ( copied from Rival )

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    In general, the Little Dipper isn't designed for cooking, just holding on a warm setting.  This is directly from the user's manual:

    "The Little Dipper™ Warmer is designed for heating and holding your favorite dip or fondue at the perfect serving temperature. NOTE: The unit is not designed for use with uncooked meats. If a recipe calls for bacon, ground beef or chicken, it should be fully cooked before combining with other ingredients and heating it in the unit."

    That's why you are finding only dip recipes.  You run the risk of the contents being under the safe temperature for a long period of time before they even warm up plus it would take longer to cook anyway.  It just isn't hot enough to raise the food to a safe temperature fast enough which encourages bacteria growth. It isn't worth the risk of getting sick to use the Little Dipper for cooking. Also, although it is listed at 16 oz., you can only fill it up to 1 1/2 cups so recipes meant for the Crockette won't fit without overfilling, anyway.  A Crockette is different.

    I used to own a Crockette--it was a 1-quart crockpot made for cooking that was discontinued years ago but the recipes still linger on the internet under that name.  The replacements for the Crockette are the 1 1/2-quart crockpots that you can buy just about everywhere now for under $10.  I have found that this size works very well with those recipes. Besides, they have removable crocks and variable temperature settings, which the Little Dipper doesn't have. Cooking on low on these new cookers is the same as cooking with the one-temperature setting on the old Crockette but they cook faster, so I'd cut the time in Crockette recipes.  Just check your crockpot user's manual for something similar and use that timing as a guide. 

    With that said, you could probably do oatmeal or breakfast cereal in it overnight.  That shouldn't be a problem.
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     I highly agree with NY Birder....DO NOT USE IT FOR COOKING PURPOSES !  I bought one of the smaller ones that was mentioned, at Aldi, for $8, with adjustable temp settings and an auto setting.  Just love it for the two of us....can do small, boneless roasts with no problem.  Yes, I have the Little Dipper for just that....dips and sauces.  Also have the OLD regular size crockpot and one of the new KING SIZE, which I'll probably NEVER USE, but it was such a bargain at Hy-Vee last Thanksgiving ($10) with auto settings, I couldn't resist.  Use for the purposes they were designed and be SAFE.



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    While we're talking crockpots---

    I was able to find a 1 1/2 quart oval crockpot on the market a few years ago--I bought it online.  They are really hard to find but are wonderful for fitting odd sizes, like turkey legs.  I also bought a 3-quart oval from Walmart about the same time.  Even though I live alone, this one gets used for things like lamb shanks, turkey breast, etc. that don't fit well in the round pots.

    Why have two sizes?  You want a good fit for a recipe for it to cook properly--no less than half the pot.  So small recipes like those for the Crockette work best in the 1 1/2 quart.

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    You know - I just found a little dipper in my furnace room. I have no idea where it came from and it's brand new. I threw the food that came with it away - old. Seriously - I cannot remember where this came from. Not sure whether I should keep of get rid of. Haven't used it so far.....of course I didn't know I had it! I know I didn't buy it and I am almost - yes I am positive it was not a gift.

    I have the crockpot with three crocks different sizes - 2 quart, 4 quart, and 6 quart. I have already used the 4 and 6 quart sizes. I think I will have use for the 2 quart - so do I need a little dipper?

    I am really trying to consolidate.

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    I have several crock pots, too.  You might wonder why—but you need to fill the pot no less than half to get good results.  So the Crockette recipes need the 1 1/2 quart pot.  I also have a 3-quart for things like a turkey breast, soups, etc.

    Both my 1 1/2 quart and 3-quart cookers are oval.  I had to really search online to find them, but that shape is so versatile for things like lamb shanks, turkey legs, etc.  If you have a chance to buy an oval that size, I highly recommend it.
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    OK - I'll keep the little dipper for now!

    I am getting rid of two or three this week. I have two from the 70's - not used a lot and still in good shape. I always needed a bigger one. They must be about three quarts. Then I have a 5 quart. I think that might go because the 2-4-6 will cover all those sizes. Then there is the 7 quart - which I will keep for meals that we make for crowds - like when we provide food for training nights at the fire station. The 7 quart is oval. the 2-4-6 are round - but have a grade - are narrower at bottom and wider at top So far it has worked out well.


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     Is it the same one I bought by Hamilton Beach? I love it. But it needs to cool off before I use it again. Hopefully sometime next week the temps. will go down more and stay down for Fall & winter..:-)


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    Yes - I told my DH I had to have it because of you. I never would have known it existed if it had not been for you. Notice I am blaming you.... Devil

    Susan - seriously I love it! I made baked beans (aka heated up baked beans Big Smile - well now face it isn't that what Bush's beans are for?) and I thought oh my gosh - that is going to be a mess all stuck to the sides - wasshed up like a dream. Made my cottage ham and green beans last night.

    I am happy with it....and it's all your fault! Wink


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    you can go to Target or Walmart and buy a small multi temp crockpot for around 10 bucks....low, high and warm.....I would not use a crockette for cooking like others have said....first off to small....and you don't want to crowd the food....I have 2 of them and they are each 2 quart...perfect for us most of the time and the insert comes out for easy cleaning...and seeing you are single whatever you cook in a little larger size you get leftovers....


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