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How much to charge for my fudge?

Last post Oct 24, 2004 9:34 PM by mket . 1 replies.

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  • How much to charge for my fudge?
    My friend and I are hosting a Holiday & Craft Open House. We'd like to have a few baked goodies for sale as well. I'd like to make some of my Christmas fudge...but, have no idea what is a fair price to sell it for? Probably a per pound rate?

    Anyone else who has had an open house that has any other tips/tricks or suggested price list for baked goods, would be much appreciated!

    TIA! Stephanie
  • RE: How much to charge for my fudge?
    I think you need to figure out the cost of a batch & how much it makes. Add in your time, too--at $5-7 per hour. Then triple that for an idea of how much to charge. If you're going to package it really pretty in ready to give boxes--add in that cost as well. I wouldn't sell fudge for less than $5-6 a pound. Cookies often sell for nearly as much as they take more TIME to make!