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Thawing Frozen Cookies

Last post Nov 06, 2004 10:58 AM by Cali . 1 replies.

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  • Thawing Frozen Cookies
    I recently baked some cookies and froze them which I have never done before. I always thought freezing cookies would dry them out. I layered them in an airtight container and put wax paper between the layers. My question is when I thaw them, should I take the lid off to let them thaw or take each layer out and let them thaw separately. I'm afraid condensation will build up on the lid or container. Thanks.
  • RE: Thawing Frozen Cookies
    They should be thawed while still in the container. You could remove the lid & put a layer of paper towels/napkins on top of your cookies & then replace the lid. I put paper towels over, seal & freeze...ready to thaw. Cali