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Microwave corn on the cob bag

Last post Sep 25, 2007 2:47 AM by zakons . 6 replies.

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  • Microwave corn on the cob bag
    I've just purchased one of these at a craft sale; the only instructions were for the corn on the cob; however, it does mention using it for vegetables and baking potatoes. Does anyone have one of these and, if so, can they give me some instructions on use.
    Thank you kindly
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    Glad and Ziploc now make the bags to use in the microwave. Regular potatoes take about 7 minutes, as other foods. Times are printed on the bag. You can also put seasonings in the bag at the same time.

    I also found that the frozen vegetables that I purchase in a large bag, transfer to vacumn bag for each serving, you can poke a hole in the bag and cook in the microwave.

    Cleanup is easy. BTW I use the bags sometimes twice depending on what was cooked in them. Just put them in your freezer until ready to use again.
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    Thank you so much; I'll check those in the store for times, etc., but mine is a cloth bag, I didn't mention that in my note. Hopefully, it will be the same.
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    This bag will bake two potatoes that will be moist, fluffy, and delicious.
    + Wash and dry your pototoes. Do not prick or wrap.
    + Place paper towel in the bag. Set potatoes on it.
    + Microwave until done. Approximately 8 minutes.

    Excellent for corn on the cob, too.
    + Husk and remove silk from two ears.
    + Place a paper towel in bag. Set ears of corn on paper towel.
    + Microwave approximately 10 minutes. When done bag will be very hot. Remove vegetables.

    Let bag air dry between uses.

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    RE: Microwave potato bags
    Posted by: gr_elo

    My friend told me that the potatoes should be VERY dry when you put them in the paper towel and bag.

    She is 86 yrs old and sewn all her life, also a good cook so I know she knows what she is talking about.

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  • RE: Microwave corn on the cob bag
    Posted by: Love2Sew

    Here is one version of the bags from www.creativesalon.com. It is found under the freebie button. There are pictures on the website if you are interested in seeing how it looks.

    I didn't exactly follow their sewing instructions. I did find it easier to turn if I quilted the fabrics together before beginning. I also serged all the sides together-you could zigzag if you don't have a serger.

    It is important to only use cotton fabric and cotton batting-no poly as it may melt from the heat.

    You do not have to pierce the skin of the potato. Just wash it, and wrap it in a paper towel while it is still wet. Put it in the bag and follow your manufacturer's instructions for baking potatoes.
    Potato Bags

    2- 9" X 21" pieces of fabric,and one piece of the same of "Warm & Natural" cotton batting.

    Sew top and bottoms of the 2 pieces of fabric right sides facing.with batting on top, to be sandwiched in when turned.

    Press seams and spray a shot of adhesive to batting, to keep it in place while turning right sides out.

    Fold a 2" lip down and the rest of the bag up, with "good side" inside.
    Sew sides together (I finished the seams), and turn in-side out, you gotta potato bag.