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Keeping Waffles Warm

Last post Aug 22, 2008 6:29 AM by Callie123 . 3 replies.

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  • Keeping Waffles Warm

    Does anyone know the easiest way to keep waffles warm after cooking?  I am cooking for a crowd on Friday, Aug. 22.  Can someone give me a clue?

  • Re: Keeping Waffles Warm

    In the oven on low heat.


  • Re: Keeping Waffles Warm

    I would make them ahead and then nuke 3-4 at the time. For 4 waffles it would not take more than 15-20 secnds to nuke them to hot.

    Or:You could put them into a few 9" X 13" pans that have metal lids and keep them in the oven on low. I would give the opans a very light coating of shortening so the waffles don't stick to the pan.

  • Re: Keeping Waffles Warm

    A cookie sheet, covering the waffles with foil, in a low oven should do the trick.  I'd try to avoid nuking them, if possible--I don't care for nuked baked goods (and some of your guests may feel the same way).


    Alternatively, why not make baked pancake squares?  Using 3 cups of mix (or a recipe that calls for about 3 cups of flour), make your batter, and pour into a parchment-lined 10 X 15" jelly roll pan (it will be very thin).  Bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes or until pancakes are puffed and golden.  Cut into squares to serve.  So much easier than frying pancakes or babysitting the waffle iron, and certainly healthier, since you aren't frying them.  You can do two trays at once, then add more, if needed.