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Water Bath

Last post Aug 16, 2012 8:08 PM by jetfan27 . 4 replies.

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  • Water Bath

    I am baking my first cheesecake using a water bath.  Can someone tell me what adjustments should be made to a recipe if you're baking with a water bath?  I am halfway through the baking time, and it still looks raw!

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    Sometimes the time on cheesecakes has to be extended, it's always best to take visual cues.  If you shake the pan gently the very center will jiggle a little.  It will finish setting up as it cools.


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    Thanks for the help!  It is out of the oven now cooling; center has set and it didn't "souffle-up" and then fall and crack like they usually do.  Wish I had tried this a long time ago!

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    I've made many cheesecakes in my crock pot with water underneath. I use a glass baking dish and it doesn't quite fit all the way to the bottom of the crock pot (the pot is oval-shaped), and I just put 2-3 cups of water in the crock pot. I use a graham cracker crust mix in the bottom of the baking pan, then fill with my cheesecake batter. It never cracks, and turns out great!


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    Glad it worked out for you.  Cracking is usually caused by the incorporation of air into the batter. I cream my sugar and cheese very wel at medium/ high speed until very smooth. Then I add my sour cream and flavoring in first speed. Then the eggs, one at a time in first speed and scrape the bowl after each egg. I don't like crust on my cheese cake so I bake mine in a 10X3 cake pan, well greased. I also start with very hot water in my bath and I bake at about 300  until done. I fill my water bath  until it comes up halfway up my cake pan. I let it cool down and then I get two cardboard rounds to remove the cake. I sprinkle sugar on top of the cake so I won't stick to the cardboard and I invert onto one of the rounds. You might have to "burp "it a little by shaking. Then I flip the cake onto the other round and I brush off the sugar and there you have it. My cakes never crak and they are so light and fluffy. A real New York cheese cake.


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