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Candy Pulling Help G-Shaft

Last post Oct 15, 2002 12:20 PM by KaRoh_LA . 1 replies.

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  • Candy Pulling Help G-Shaft
    A while back I asked for help with a G-Shaft recipe. Within one day I had a response with a great recipe. Now I need more "technical" help.
    The candy I am trying to make is a hard candy with 2 colors. Three-quarters of a batch is dark brown, the other one-quarter of the batch is supposed to be pulled more so it's a lighter brown. Then the 2 are combine together so the lighter brown candy makes "threads" inside the dark brown. So I don't continue rambling on. I need help with the actual pulling. I buttered my hands, but I about singed them off. Outside of practice, practice, practice, does an experienced hard candy puller have any advice for a novice? I'll take practical tips, equipment haves and musts...Anything! This candy is a childhood favorite of dad's (and mine) and I'd love to be able to surprise him with the real stuff for Christmas. Thanks!
  • RE: Candy Pulling Help G-Shaft
    Butter, butter and more butter. You'll go through a ton of butter on your hands. Sorry. I don't know of any other way.