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freezing raw cut potatoes

Last post Jun 29, 2006 10:12 PM by kidsplace . 7 replies.

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  • freezing raw cut potatoes
    Hi! I haven't been around for a long time, but knew this would be the right place to come with my question. I want to make some cut up potatoes with green peppers, onions and all the good stuff to take camping with us. However, I want to prepare it ahead of time and freeze it so it is all ready to go while we are camping. Will it work to cut everything up and use a foodsaver bag to freeze it? Will the potatoes turn brown? Thanks for your help!
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    Subject: Foods That Don't Freeze Well
    Posted by: LinziePA Replies: 4 Posted on: 11/2/2005 8:09:32 AM
    The following lists should give you a good start at identifying potential freezing problems with various food items.

    *Greasy foods (they just become greasier)
    *Cake icings made with egg whites
    *Cream fillings and soft frostings
    *Pies made with custard or cream fillings
    *Fried foods (they tend to lose their crispness and become soggy)
    *Fruit jelly on sandwiches may soak into the bread
    *Soft cheese, such as cream cheese (can become watery)
    *Mayonnaise (it separates; use salad dressing instead)
    *Sour cream (it becomes thin and watery)
    *Potatoes cooked in soups and stews (they become mushy and may darken. If using potatoes, cook until barely soft and still firm; then freeze quickly.)

    *Gravies and other fat-based sauces may separate and need to be recombined by stirring or processing in the blender
    *Thickened sauces may need thinning after freezing; thin with broth or milk
    *Seasonings such as onions, herbs and flavorings used in recipes can change during freezing. These are best added during reheating to obtain accurate flavors
    *Vegetables, pastas and grains used in cooked recipes usually are softer after freezing and reheating (undercook before freezing, or add when dish is reheated)
    *Heavy cream can be frozen if used for cooking, but will not whip
    *Some yogurts may suffer texture changes
    *Raw vegetables lose their crispness, but can be used for cooking, stews, etc.
    *Many cheeses change texture in the freezer. Most hard cheeses turn crumbly (which makes them okay for grating, but not for slicing).

  • RE: freezing raw cut potatoes

    call the company and ask them what they say about these raw vegetables.
  • RE: freezing raw cut potatoes
    I've never been happy with the texture of potatoes that have been frozen.

    Then there's the storage question. Regular, raw potatoes don't need any particular care to be carried along, and they take only seconds to cut up (get new potatoes with nice skins and there's no need to pare). On the other hand, if you freeze the potatoes, they're going to neeed to be kept frozen at that point.

    Why not just take a bag of potatoes? really the easiest, simplest way, IMO.
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    Im thinking I will need to bring the potatoes with. That is what I usually do, and no, it is not that hard. I am trying to make things as easy as possible. We tent with three kids, so I like to have things prepared a head of time. It is sometimes easier. But this time, it may not be the case. It was just a question of curiosity. You all are AWESOME here! Thanks so much for answering my question so fast!
  • RE: freezing raw cut potatoes
    We used to camp with 4 kids and a tent. I would cook potatos with their skins on, cool well and they are so easy to use as fried potatos or grated hashbrowns if you want to take a grater along. Keep very well also.
  • RE: freezing raw cut potatoes
    Thanks! That is a great idea! I love to learn new short cuts when camping.