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Canola Oil/Vegetable Oil Substitute

Last post Mar 26, 2008 1:27 PM by gr_elo . 2 replies.

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  • Canola Oil/Vegetable Oil Substitute

    I recently heard that Vegetable and Canola Oils are not healthy for you... and that Coconut and Olive Oils are the products to use. Coconut Oil ,I have found it in a solid form and is rather

    expensive. Olive Oil is good and healthy and has a distinct taste of its own... When baking and the recipe calls for Vegetable Oil, what is a healthy substitute that would work that wouldn't change the taste of the recipe?

    Ms Yvonne
  • Re: Canola Oil/Vegetable Oil Substitute

     There has always been a question about canola oil, as it's a modified product. (So, what edible products, other than organic, aren't modified, these days) You can find information about it online. Canola has no trans-fats and no cholesterol.

    Vegetable oils are all different. Some are cholesterol free, others not. I think I'd heard that Safflower was one of the best.

    I choose to not use canola, because I can taste it, and it has a texture that I can feel, in my mouth.

    I prefer to use safflower, corn or soya oil products.

    An interesting study has come out recently (so, what else is new?) that proves something interesting. Although we've become aware of, and even paranoid about cholesterol in the foods we eat, the study shows that not all cholesterols are absorbed by our bodies. Let's confuse us all some more, eh?  A nutritionist pointed out that the study was probably correct, and that simply put, we should be eating smaller amounts of meats, and larger amounts of green and yellow vegetables, and anything that increases our anti-oxidant intake, dark coloured fruits and vegeatbles, is a good thing. Other than avoiding trans-fats, reducing our fat intake is what we should be focussing on, rather than the quality of the fats.

    Or maybe I just misunderstood what I read. 



  • Re: Canola Oil/Vegetable Oil Substitute

    Sorry to have to disagree with yoyu, Viola, but tere is NO cholesterol in  any vegetable oil.

    Cholesterol is only in animal products.

    Coconut opil is BAD for you, a university in NY has made study of the Haitian population of NY because they use primarily coconut oil. Those that do have a much higher rate of heart disease at a much younger age than the people who do not use coconut oil.

    I asked several of our doctors and here is what they said:

    Coconut oil does everything it is not supposed to do and does nothing it is supposed to do.

    Food processores are trying to eliminate transfats and are getting away from using coconut or palm fats so there was a big surplus of coconut and palm fats. Wouldm't you know that some healthfood sanke oil gurus latched on to the cheap surplus coconut oil and are peddling it at high prices as a "health food".  Stay away from it.

    Almost all oils, even organic*** are hydrogentaed or partially hydrogenated unless you go to a healthfood store or food co`op that sells UNREFINED oils.  

    *** Organic means the produce( oil seed)  was GROWN without chemicals, it does not encompass what they do with it afterwards when it is processed into oil) Only UNREFINED organically grown oils would be truly organic.Unrefined oil has a lot of sediment in it and needs to be kept refrigrated.

    Canola oil is from the seed of a turnip ( rape seed) that is grown only for it's oil rich seed. It used to be the cheapest oil in Europe when I grew up in the 30s. I still don't like it because it smells like rudabagas unless it is highly refined and partially or fully hydrogenated.

    Organic X-Virgin Olive oil is one of the healthiest but has a low burning point and is best used for salads and low heat brasing and to saute. The oil with the highest burning point is peanut oil and it is best for deep frying, stir frying  and fast browning (that is why the Chinese have always used it ).

    "Vegetable Oil" is usually a mixture of  oil made from the cheapest oil seeds, incl. cotton seed oil. I use corn oil only when I bake white bread to give away.  If I do use a little fat in some of my own bread I use either X-Virgin olive oil or butter, some bread I do not add any fat.

    If you pay attention to the healthfood fads (herbs or oils of the month) you  are most likely just throwing money away and some of those things they recoomend can often do more harm than good.

    I have not done so yet but will try  and go to and see if they have anything bout coconut oil. I doubt it since they have advise about Prescr. drugs. I shall look for it in the "Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database" and let you know about it tomorrow IF you areinterested.