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substitute for graham crackers

Last post Dec 31, 2011 12:43 PM by KLMJ . 2 replies.

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  • substitute for graham crackers

    I cannot buy graham crackers where I live. What can I substitute when making Nanimo bars?

  • Re: substitute for graham crackers

    I did a google search to see even what Nanaimo bars even were. They look yummy to make. With doing a google search, I also placed in what can you subsitute for graham crackers in nanaimo bars? Several posts came up (try a search this way) many  said Petit Beurre bisquits, digestive crackers, and there were  posts on how to make your own homemade graham crackers, and even how to make gluten free graham crackers. 

  • Re: substitute for graham crackers

    Hi There,

    You can also use crushed up cookies, such as Nilla Vanilla wafers or animal crackers, or try chocolate cookies. It will change the taste.  Just don't crush them too fine, leave a little texture in the mix.

    Hope this helps.