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games to play at ladies church party

Last post Nov 08, 2004 2:18 PM by Bubblingbutterfly . 3 replies.

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  • games to play at ladies church party
    I Have a ladies church christmas party at my house every year. We have a white elephant gift game. But I was wondering if anyone else had a fun game to play.
    Aunt Bee~Cathy
  • RE: games to play at ladies church party
    Try this site...

    They have lots of ideas. Have fun at your party!
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  • RE: games to play at ladies church party
    you can also play, What is your Ailment?
    This is where everyone is in a circle and you designate one person to start and you ask them, "What is your ailment?" They say, "my ailment is... the sneezes!" So everybody has to sneeze and then the next person, you ask the same question and they say what they want like for instance, "my ailment is... my nose itches!" Everybody has to itch their nose and sneeze at the same time! Whenever I play this game, we usually do not get past the 4th or 5th person, everyone is laughing so hard. It is a good icebreaker game!!
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    also, another game called "Hot Seat"
    You have 4 chairs in the front of the room or wherever and have everyone else in a semi-circle in front of them. Every other person on the same team and you give each person on one team an identify object. Then you put everyone's name in a bowl and have everyone draw out of there. oh, yeah, you got to have an extra chair as well! The person with the empty chair to the right of them, says someone's name and whoever pulled that person's name out of the bowl must go and sit beside that person. The object of the game is to get all your team in the four chair in the front! It is a lot of fun, cause you have to remember their "other" name to win!