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Crispix Crunch recipe

Last post Dec 13, 2004 10:25 AM by atvgranny_WI . 7 replies.

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  • Crispix Crunch recipe
    Crispix Crunch

    Preheat oven to 225*F

    Mix together in very large bowl:
    12 oz Crispix Cereal (or Rice Chex) 10oz nuts (whole or
    8oz mini pretzel twists chopped)

    Mix together in separate microwave safe bowl:
    1/4 c light corn syrup 1/4 c honey
    2 c light brown sugar 1 c butter

    Microwave syrup, brown sugar, honey and butter for 2+1/2 - 3 minutes;
    stir until all butter is incorporated.
    Pour wet mixture over dry mixture and toss til evenly coated.

    Divide mixture evenly between two large jelly roll pans or cookie
    sheets; bake for 15 minutes. Remove pans and stire mixture around.
    Return to oven for another 15 minutes; remove and stir. Repeat
    two more times for a total of four times. After the fourth
    baking, remove pans and let cool for 5 minutes; stir again
    to break up mix. Store in airtight containers.

    WARNING: This is addictive
  • RE: Crispix Crunch recipe
    This posted funny. If you don't understand the directions or ingredients I'll post it again.

  • RE: Crispix Crunch recipe
    I think I'm already hooked, and I just read the recipe. I can't wait to make it. I might mix in some candy corn after it is cooled for a little color.
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    love the honey added to it. I will be making this. I am wondering how well this will travel (mailed)
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    I've never mailed this CD. I plan to at Christmas though. I think I'll mail it in ziplock gallon bags packed in a box tightly with popcorn that I make in the microwave without fat.

    I meant to mention that this comes out just as delicious when dark corn syrup and dark brown sugar are used.
  • RE: Crispix Crunch recipe
    Ok I think I am going to make some for my girls and send it to them. It sounds wonderfully delicious!
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  • RE: Crispix Crunch recipe
    Thanks LADY-H-4E,
    I needed something new and different to take to my Homemakers' food auction this week. I think I found it!

    Nancy Z.