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American Trivia...1-10-04

Last post Jan 10, 2004 2:14 PM by Babcia_PA . 3 replies.

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  • American Trivia...1-10-04
    Yesterdays Q

    Automaker Henry Ford Shocked the world in 1914 bt raising his employees' wages from $234 a day to what staggering amount?

    To $5.00 a day; amazing.
    Todays Q

    What two familiar characters in children's readers were created by Zerna Sharp?
  • RE: American Trivia...1-10-04
    Dick and Jane

    As for Henry Ford, that wasn't much of a raise! I'd prefer the $234 a day!! LOL

  • RE: American Trivia...1-10-04
    Must have been Dick & Jane.
    Then Puff & Spot

  • RE: American Trivia...1-10-04
    Yup! It's Dick and Jane and Sally and Spot and the chirpy milkman. I know all this, not only because those were the 1st books I learned to read in English but I have a Dick and Jane calender hanging in my kitchen right now.