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tulips in a jar

Last post Apr 20, 2007 10:00 AM by DaddysKricket_NC . 2 replies.

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  • tulips in a jar
    My friend got me some absolutely GORGOUS tulips in this huge vase, and it has the bulbs in the bottom, I'm not quite sure how to take care of them now that they are done blooming, I would like to keep them in the vase for next year, but won't they die? I'm not sure where to look up information, and all that fun stuff. So any help would be great!!!! Thanks!! :)
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    Hi: I had some of these last year, and they were so beautiful. I let the tops die and then took out the bulbs and let them dry. I tried using them again this year, but they did not do well. I am thinking that I should have put them in the frig for a couple of months before I tried getting them to grow again. I actually went to a website that was on the label of the vase. If yours has a label, maybe the website is there. Mine came from Costco and this company supplies these stores all over North America. Good luck!
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    I had some of those...I loved them. I tried to dry them too, buthad no luck.If you read on their web site you'll see that they treat the bulbs some special way. Here's the website from the brand I had so you can read about them:

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