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Feeding 100 people

Last post Jun 16, 2009 1:37 PM by oeg1kallee . 4 replies.

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  • Feeding 100 people

     My daughter is getting married in two weeks and I have the community ladies preparing the meal but I want to buy enough stuff so we can feed 100 people.  We are having roast beef, chicken breasts roasted, roasted potatoes, corn, peas & carrots, green salad, and coleslaw.  Does anyone know how much I would have to buy to serve 100 people?  

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    This web site has the answers toall your questions. Good Luck

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     It depends a lot on whether you'll be serving assembled plates or potluck style.  Potluck you need a lot more food.

     One thing to be careful of is heating surfaces.  That is, if several people are bringing things which will need to be reheated, make sure there is enough room in the oven and on the stove (get some hotplates if needed).  And if several things will be in crockpots, make sure there will be enough power outlets (on separate circuits, so you don't pop the circuit-breaker).


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    That website will offer alot of info including recipes!  


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