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Under cooked pie crust?

Last post Nov 19, 2009 10:06 PM by marthafan . 4 replies.

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  • Under cooked pie crust?

    I am trying to get anyone's opinion on an Under cooked Pie crust.... I was making an apple pie and crust on the bottom is under cooked but the crust on top would have burnt if I had left it in any longer? I did put a cookie sheet under the pie pan to help avoid spills? Any suggestion on how to get it to come out more done?

  • Re: Under cooked pie crust?

    A silicon liner or a piece of foil under the bottom element in your oven will solve your problem. Then you won't have to put the pie plate on a cookie sheet, which blocks the heat to the bottom of your pie.

  • Re: Under cooked pie crust?

    When you're cooking a pie with a moist filling like fruit pies, it's always a challenge to get the bottom crust properly cooked and not soggy. 


    The best solution I've found, when baking the filling and crust together is to use a pyrex pie pan, but DO NOT turn the oven temp down 25 degrees (as is generally recommended when baking in glass), and bake on the lowest rack setting possible.  That blasts your bottom crust with heat, and gives it the best chance of cooking adequately.


    Another thing you can do (even in conjunction with the suggestion above) is to cover your pie with foil when you put it in the oven.  That reflects the heat.  the top crust will bake, but more slowly, and won't get burned before the bottom and filling are done.


    An alternative option--make a crumb-topped pie.  Bake the bottom crust empty.  Make your crumbs and spread on a cookie sheet and bake (only takes 10-15 minutes) while baking the lower crust.  Cook the filling on the range.  Fill the cooked shell with the cooked filling and crumble the baked crumbs over the top.  Sounds like a lot of work, but it really isn't--and you cut the baking time down from 1 hour or more to about 15 minutes--so you're saving energy and valuable oven space when preparing a large feast.

  • Re: Under cooked pie crust?

    I've never had a problem with the bottom crust not being done and being the pie lover that I am, I have baked a lot of pies. :)  I'm kind of curious if baking it right on the cookie sheet had some impact and also how thick the filling was on your pie.

    For my pies, I use a basic shortening crust and I like a proper fruit to crust ratio.  When the fruits in my pies are baked down, the fruit won't come up past the top of the outside of the pan.  I am a crust lover, so I don't love the mile-high pies like some people do.  On the other hand, I definitely love the contrast between the fruit and the crust, so if there isn't enough fruit, it might make the crust seem a little dry.  I don't think that there is a wrong way, but you have to figure out what you like best.


    In the past, if the top crust seemed to brown more quickly than I'd like, I would put some foil around the edges, and that usually worked.


    If you want to prevent drips, maybe you'd be better off putting foil in the bottom of the oven or putting the cookie sheet on a rack below the pie, esp. if you love pies that have mile-high fruit filling. :)