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What is a spoon roast?

Last post Nov 24, 2009 7:25 AM by dutchmom4MI . 2 replies.

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  • What is a spoon roast?

    I won one and have never made one before. How is it different than any other roast. Would I roast it the same way I would any other roast? Thanks. Is there much shrinkage.

  • Re: What is a spoon roast?

    It's a sirloin roast.


    This is a great blog about it...



  • Re: What is a spoon roast?

    from chowhound.com

    Top sirloin (from the hip area) makes a good roast beef at a reasonable price. It can also be called top butt, top sirloin butt, center-cut roast, or spoon roast. It is boneless, well-marbled, oval-shaped (presumably this is why the "spoon" reference), with a cap of fat.