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Do you have an Easter Egg Hunt?

Last post Mar 27, 2010 10:53 AM by gameball . 4 replies.

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  • Do you have an Easter Egg Hunt?

    It's hard to believe its was a two generation event of having an Easter Egg hunt either here or at the one grandmothers home when she was alive. My time has flown by with memories of children here and there. Time now has gone on and its been three years since an Easter Egg hunt has happened. If more family would unite together then there would be another generation to have an Easter Egg hunt here. But they have their own family traditions and no time for others.

    Did you use hard boiled eggs and candy filled Eggs? Or just candy filled eggs?

    We always had both kinds of hard boiled and candy filled.

    Do you have an adult and child Easter Egg hunt?

    It use to be both kinds of hard boiled and candy eggs to have the children find. Then one year a family member had a royal fit. Then it had to be only candy filled Easter Eggs, with each childs name on so many of the eggs hidden. Each child had to find eggs with their names on, hidden around the yard. I thought it was absurd in one way. Only because the year before their children had a fit if they found hard boiled eggs and would pick them up and throw them back down complaining. So the next several years the only way their was an Easter egg hunt, was if all the children attending had to find the eggs with their names on the eggs for each child to find their own fair share of eggs. I just got to the point I didn't include that family because of other snotnoised attitude they had about other things in my own household. After we left out this family we had the normal traditional egg hunt of everyone finding as many as they could of Easter Eggs. With no longer the names on the eggs of the child.. Oh! the memories,the laughter,and joy! No more complaining and lots of fun. I think some of the adults got just as hysterical at the antics the children did as they hunted for eggs. Sadly those are memories treasured now. Until another set of little ones come along.

  • Re: Do you have an Easter Egg Hunt?

    When I was a child, one of my Mom's friends always had an egg hunt at her house and they are such fond memories for me. I was excited to be able to have them for my own children. Both of my boys have had fun the last couple of years. 


    This is the first year I won't be having an Easter Egg hunt for 2 and the freezing weather we had killed all the plants where I would hide the eggs! It would be too expensive for us to replant and do the hunt. So the Easter Bunny will leave a hunt for my kids on Easter morning. Our community has a hunt next Saturday and we will do that too. It really makes me sad not to have it because I can't get this year back. Our hunts were always friends only, never family. My kids are the youngest and, honestly, I don't really like my husband's family's kids. Many of them live here but we never see them unless it's for a function that involves a gift. The first couple of years I put stuff in eggs like stickers, bubbles, etc. Then last year I made bunny bucks and then let the children "buy" things like coloring books, kites, books, etc. They all loved that and I got most of the things at the $1 store or $1 bins at Target or Michaels. I told each child how many eggs they could find and once they got that many, they were done. Usually 12 to 15 so they had enough bunny bucks to buy things! My kids will live, I'll live but I'll forever miss the memories of not having one this year. Hopefully things will improve for next year.




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  • Re: Do you have an Easter Egg Hunt?

    Easter egg hunts (besides the Easter morning ones at home) aren't really big thing her.  It might have to do with the fact that our weather usually doesn't cooperate and we often have snow!  There have been a few popping up over the last few years, quite often as fundraisers.  There is one large one that I know about that happens in Halifax that hides an obscene amount of mini Cadbury eggs, it's a sponsored event. 

    I've been taking my kids to a local hunt put on by the volunteer fire department.  They just toss all kinds of candy over a large park and let the kids go nuts.  Once their basket is full, they are done.  They hide a few "Golden" eggs that if found, you win a bigger prize.  The Easter Bunny is around for pictures as well.  Kids like going and it's good for community spirit. 

    I have a question....... we've never had the hard boiled eggs as a part of any Easter egg hunt I've ever heard of around here.  What do you do with the eggs after the hunt?  do you eat them, make them into something like egg salad or do they get thrown away?  We make decorations with real eggs by blowing the insides out first and using them, but we never hardboil them.  Just curious.

  • Re: Do you have an Easter Egg Hunt?

    For the most part I miss my family...we live in Colorado...they live in Florida & Arizona.  But then I hear of other's "family" problems & I'm glad we have no family to deal with...I think.


    We've always had an Easter Egg hunt.  The boys & I go off to 7:30am Mass as usual.  DH then hides our decorated hard boiled eggs in our garden.  Our garden is usually still pretty dead, but the dead stuff hides eggs just fine.  He also takes some plastic eggs & puts some change in each one & hides them too.  Some years there was just too much snow so he hid them around the house.


    I also fix a basket with each kids' favorites!  Plus I add a small gift.  Video games now, but Lego's in years past.


    This year I have a college freshman who demands he be in on decorating "his" eggs.  And a high school freshman who insists it's not Easter without an egg hunt after church!  So our traditions will continue for another year.  I have such special memories & pictures of the boys finding "their" eggs.  I wouldn't change anything for the world.


    What do I do with 3 dozen hard boiled eggs?  Lots of deviled eggs.  I also do scotch eggs - wrap a hard boiled egg in sausage, coat with crumbs, fry it up.  Lots of egg salad.  The family is pretty "egged" out shortly after Easter.  Years ago I saved the colored shells & the boys did shell mosaic pictures...stilll have them stored away.  And I always explore the internet for more esoteric ways to color our eggs...some work...some don't...but we try 'em all!



  • Re: Do you have an Easter Egg Hunt?
    Had egg hunts all my life. Used real ones when my son was young, but with grand son, hubby uses the plastic ones and hides in the yard and house. We started a tradition where we hand eggs on the tree in our front yard and when grand son was little his DAd would hold him up to the branches and he'd take them down and put in a basket. Now he's almost 6 he climbs up that three and hands eggs to his Dad to put in the basket. It's wonderful to watch, brings back memories of my son hunting and laughing when he found one that was really hidden well.When I was small we ,all my family went to the oldest sisters home, her oldest and me were only 2 years apart they had 7 kids and they put on a huge Egg hunt and a few would have 50 cents wrote on them. Which was huge back then, or at least we sure thought so. Happy times. After the hunt, we all peeled and ate those eggs, was fun watching the people peel them ,some could get the shells off in on piece. LOL, I was easily entertained as you can see.