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Where do you draw the line with neighbor kids?

Last post Jun 22, 2010 12:13 AM by jasper3975 . 2 replies.

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  • Where do you draw the line with neighbor kids?

     This afternoon I was at my parents down the street with two neices and a nephew. Nephew was sleeping and the girls and I were playing games in the living room which has a big plate glass window. A neighbor girl came and knocked on the door, neice #2 answered the door and said they were playing games with me and would be out later. Within minutes THREE kids had there hands and faces pressed against the glass window watching us. I ran them off, not because I dislike these kids, but I couldn't believe they didn't know better than that. I know these kids Mom and Grandma...I know they would never be okay with this kind of behaviour. (they are 10, 12 and 14)

     I know I would never go looking into anyones windows unless I was really worried about them and couldn't get in touch. One neice closed the blinds and they moved to the front door...they thought it was funny. I told them to go home and shut the front door.

    My sis and I used to scare each other with windows. Just stand real still and let the other notice you. Still scares me to tears. I would never do that to another person again. To do it to the neighbors would have never, ever crossed my mind. And that's kind of what it is. I know the neighbor kids are looking for the playmates that aren't always at my parents. But they've given my mom and nephew quite a fright when they walk around the corner and see faces peering in at them. It creeped me out when I was sitting right there.

    Sorry for the rant...just wondered if anyone had any ideas of how to stop this and keep good neighbors and normally nice playmates for the kiddos.

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    Well, I feel your pain! I just had a banging at my door and it about gave me a heart attack!  Then I answered the door and there stands the neighbor girl and some of her friends so I think they are here to ask my little girl to play.  She gets all excited and then the neighbor girl says, "no, we're not here to play, we're here to sell you this ... and she holds up some picture that she made with markers and she says, how about $2 ... I said how about you run home and don't ever do that again!  ARGH!  Then I had to try to explain to my daughter who is made at me for "not letting" her play that they weren't here to play ... some days you just have to wonder!




        My "Babies" are growing up!!!!

  • Re: Where do you draw the line with neighbor kids?

    If you know the kids' mom & grandma then I'd just talk to them and ask them to talk w/ the kids.  Let them know it's frightening, I'd think they would understand it would be a little disturbing to have someone peeking in your windows,even if it's just harmless neighbor kids.