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Was Santa good to you?

Last post Dec 27, 2012 3:36 PM by GrandmaK_54_Illinois . 8 replies.

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  • Was Santa good to you?

    He brought me a new coffee grinder!  Mr. was so excited he had to make a pot of coffee! LOL


  • Re: Was Santa good to you?

    Yes, Santa is always good to me --- 365 days a year!

    I love the smell of fresh ground coffee beans.  


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  • Re: Was Santa good to you?

    Santa brought me a North Face Sweatshirt.  Love it.  It is Green.

    Step granddaugher............... I got her a kindle fire.  Not that I can afford i but when you budget, it is ok..  She is just a nice sweet 11 year old kid.  She opened the package, standing by me.  She said "but Grams, it is a Kindle box.  I told her to open it.  The look on her face was my Christmas present.  I told her Santa brought it.

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    Oooo Jan's gonna be warm!  I'll bet the look on her face was worth the sacrifice!


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    I collect old cameras and my DGD got me an old Brownie Hawkeye and also some antique ornaments.  

    We got 18 inches of snow and the power went out at my house at 9:30 AM.  At 3:30 we packed up the food and went to a friends' house to cook dinner.  We stayed the night.  Hopefully power is back on.  We're heading home in an hour so so.  But I'll take our snow over the tornadoes in the South (my niece's home was hit in Pearl River County Mississippi) and the other bad weather across the US.


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  • Re: Was Santa good to you?

    Yes, I'd say I hit the mother-load this year!

    Married just two weeks, first Christmas with hubby and family, got spoiled with all kinds of gifts.

    John got me some great great gifts including a Kindle Fire.

    I got a Wilton chocolate melter and some chocolate from my new son, some perfume and a big Christmas hug from my new son Michael.

    Ex and family came over for dinner and we all got gifts, I got Vanilla bean Noel lotion, candle, hand soap from bath and body, and a ruby ring from DD's little brother Isaac he bought at school (LOL, I got the same one last year but that's okay I love the second one just as much)

    DD's boyfriend got me a DVD and some gift cards so John and I could have some date nights out.

    DD knows me especially well. Two beautiful scarfs to wear to work, one of those buffet style servers with the three smaller crock-pots, Paula Deen cookware, a wok, a special piece of pottery she made for me but has not been able to pick up from being fired in the kiln due to her surgery,  and ... and a poster of Matthew Mcconaughey from Magic Mike, need I say more!!! The kid is smart!


    Very thankful for a wonderful, joyous, Christmas!



  • Re: Was Santa good to you?

    A waffle maker and Wii fit plus to use after eating all the waffles! LOL Just wish I felt better to us it all right now. Feel like I'm coming down with something...scratchy throat. YUCK!

    Seeing my boys faces was the best when they opened gifts they had asked for from Santa!


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  • Re: Was Santa good to you?

    Yup,,DD got me a 3 candle, the flameless, that changes colors, a turtle mouse and a new pan!  I forget the brand, she got it online, cheaper than it is usually. About a 100 dollar pan,,,for 18,,,sure should be a good one! lol,,but, my old potato pan , the handle is loose, and I hated to give it up, but, now have one the same size.


    DH gave me money, Daddy and Mom gave money,,,DS and DIL,,I haven't opened their yet. But, most of all, DS and DIL got to spend Christmas with my family at Daddys, and it was great. He is usually sleeping , too tired from working nights, and haveing to go back that night. But, they were both off work.


    Had a houseful , first time in a long time at Daddys. Loved it.





  • Re: Was Santa good to you?

    Yes he was. My wedding rings were repaired (prong was loose), I got a necklace and earrings, a Chemex coffee maker, and one that meant the world to me, in an antiques shop my DD found a framed embroidery of a cozy cottage with the words, "Bless this House O Lord We Pray, Keep it Safe by Night and Day."  My mom had a plaque like that in her home years ago. We don't know what happened to it, but this gift brought back great memories. My parents used to sing this song to us when we were little.