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How Long Does Olive Oil Keep?

Last post Jul 10, 2005 12:46 AM by hauke . 4 replies.

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  • How Long Does Olive Oil Keep?
    I found an opened bottle of fairly expensive olive oil in the back of my cabinet. I remember getting it as a gift 2 years ago. It's extra virgin, dark green and has a cork, the cork is well into the bottle. It still smells fuity. Is it any good?
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    Sure! If it smells good it probably is good. Just like a cantaloupe or anything else you would buy and/or keep.
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    You'll know right away if it's bad - it gets a terribly rancid smell. As long as it's fruity, you're good :)
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    I bought a really nice bottle at the Farmer's Market and the lady said that every time you use it wipe the cork before you put it back in the bottle. She said the cork is where bacteria builds up so it may not smell but it may be bad. She also said it lasts a year from the time you buy it, if it is fresh, until it should be thrown out.

    So I would throw that out and maybe buy a smaller bottle later or use it more often than you did.

  • RE: How Long Does Olive Oil Keep?
    I did a search and found this on a site about olive oil...

    How can I know when my olive oil isn’t good to eat anymore?
    Eating olive oil that hasn’t been perfectly stored is not dangerous. If you are unsure about your olive oil, check its smell and taste. A mouldy or wine taste indicates that the olives have been wrongly stored; a metallic taste indicates that the oil has been in contact with metal for too long; and oxidation during storage will cause the oil to become rancid.

    How do I taste olive oil?
    There are two ways to taste olive oil: 1. Savor the aroma: smell deeply and repeatedly to appreciate the bouquet. 2. Appreciate the taste : eat a slice of apple to cleanse your palate, and then hold some olive oil in your mouth until it is warm, noticing its flavor and aftertaste. Educate your taste buds with the huge variety of oils available.

    On another site I found this (it was a site about oil groves in Greece) ...
    The average individual here will consume two to three of these large tins of olive oil in a year; there is only one harvest, of course, and this lovely product keeps deliciously over this whole period, and longer. I have personally tried keeping my own olive oil for up to four years and it was still perfectly good and palatable after that time, kept in the same tins, away from sunlight and in a stable, ambient (greek!)temperature.

    So from these statements I would think you olive oil is still OK because you had it in the dark and you said it smells fruity. Hope that helps.

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