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Oplatky-Christmas wafer

Last post Jan 07, 2009 2:23 PM by messenger40 . 5 replies.

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  • Oplatky-Christmas wafer
    Is anyone out there familiar with this thin wafer (about 4"x6") that is a big part of the Slovak or Polish Christmas Eve dinner? It's usually pastel in color and embossed with a religious depiction. They used to be given to us by a friend who has since died and I have no idea as to a source...not much luck in googling a source. A young member of our family grew up with this tradition and was married just a couple of years ago. He loves the idea of carrying on traditions (rare these days) and would love to continue it while spending the holidays with his in-laws. I'd love to be able to get it for him, and for us! I hope there's someone out there who is familiar with this custom.
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    Try posting on "old country corner", one of the new boards to the left.

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    Never heard of them, but I found a couple of things about them.



    Where you can buy them...




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    In Germany Oblaten are paper thin white wafers used for baking. Honey cakes are susually baked on those, keeps them from sticking to the baking sheets. They are also used under certain other "sticky" cookie types like macaroons. I still have a small box of round ones. Try a European Deli, they may have them but I doubt you will find embossed ones unless you find an ethnic store for eastern European goods.
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    Oplatky are thin wafers. At our house we still celebrate Christmas eve with the tradional slovak meal. The wafers are passed out to everyone at the begining of the meal. Most of us dip into Honey and eat them. Tey are sold at our slavic and polish churchs in our area and I'm sure they are still sold in many other areas. If you want use the word slovak as subject, to email me if you want more info. Dzedojoe@aol.com
    PS dzedo means grandpa in slovak.
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    This link may be of assistance to you. Good luck and God bless. (Go to bottom for email address)

    CHARISTIA Company, a Polish, family –run enterprise, has specialized in baking Christmas wafers, Altar Breads and Eucharistic Hosts since 1970.

    In the late eighties of the previous century we were the first in Poland to produce new kind of Altar Breads with sealed edges and the sign of cross on both sides.

    Having been duly sworn, we manufacture Altar Breads and Eucharistic Hosts in accordance with Canon Law, preserving the traditional recipes combined with the state-of-the-art technology, preventing crumbs of the sealed edges of the wafer.

    We have at our disposal many-years’ experience, modern machinery and professional expertise of over forty employees.

    Our Christmas wafers are baked in artistically engraved moulds with unrepeatable Old Polish designs of ornaments.

    We have established a number of business relations with monastic and secular manufacturers of church supplies. We can also offer our customers a wide range of high-quality articles necessary in day-to-day running of the Parish.

    Detailed information about the assortment range and purchase orders is available by telephone +48 33 8174407 or by e-mail.