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Question on oreo truffles?

Last post Dec 01, 2009 3:46 PM by bkbk . 4 replies.

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  • Question on oreo truffles?

    I was busy working at a place today that had the tv on. The show on was making oreo truffles. They took a package of oreos and ground them up, then added a tub of whipped cream cheese--they stressed to use the whipped cream cheese, and mixed it together. They made balls out of the mixture. Then they melted white chocolate the bar kind to use for melted chocolate for candy, and dipped the balls in. And set them then aside. My question is can you freezer these? If I left them sit out on the counter they would be majorily overeaten in no time with people complaining they ate to much. I wonder if the cookie would get soft? and would the taste change? If you don't freeze them I take it they need refrigerated because of the cream cheese? How long will they keep in the refrigerator? Wonder why you couldn't use other kinds of cookies to make these without using an oreo?
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    I refrigerate them, I don't think I've frozen them before.  When I make them, I use a brick of cream cheese and a package of oreos.  I throw both into the food processor & grind it all up together.  I've also coated them in regular chocolate.  I have no idea how long they keep - they never last long enough to spoil.  You absolutely could use other sandwich cookies.


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    You can't freeze them for a couple of reasons.  The texture of cream cheese gets really strange when frozen--it gets sort of splintery when it's defrosted.  Secondly, you can't freeze chocolate.  Temperature changes make chocolate 'bloom'--which means it gets a powdery 'old' look.  While it's safe to eat, it's not something you want to serve company or give as gifts.


    Yes, they need to be refrigerated.  But that, too is a bit risky--see the point about bloom above.  You don't want to make something like that too far ahead and have to store it very long, because you run the risk of the chocolate separating. 


    But here's the good thing--you're talking about a recipe that takes about 10 minutes to make, start to finish.  Use a cookie scoop to make the balls to save time, for example.  Dovetail--that is melt the chocolate while you're mixing the centers.  I'd get the ingredients in, store each properly, and just put them together at the last minute, when you need them.


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    Thanks for the replies. I have frozen different bake goods with cream cheese in them and had no problem of them separating or changing taste.

    I have also worked with candy chocolate and frozen many candy. I  have cake recipes using a variety of chocolate. I had no problem with them blooming. I know what blooming means. But I have worked previously in a bakery and would use real chocolate syrup in making frozen cakes. I have also made a variety of candy with candy chocolate and frozen them. Plus kept them refrigerated for a long period of time for parties.  That is why I posed the question here on whether the oreo truffles would work the same. I appreciate the advice. I am going to do some googling and see what more I can find out.

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    I think you could freeze them as one of my DDs brought a couple of pumpkin rolls on thanksgiving that had been frozen.  they were a school fund raiser and quite good.  But I don't know the if the creamcheese filling was purre cream cheese. But it tasted like cream cheese frosting.