Very odd behavior...It snowed Wednesday night into Thursday morning and danged if that very same snow isn't still on the ground! LOL Last time it snowed it snowed, sun came out, it rained and then there was a sand storm all within hours of each other. Typical West Texas weather, nothing to do with global warming as it's done this as long as I can remember. Occasionally we'd get snow that stuck around, but not often.


But it's been pretty cold here lately, in the 20s and 30s, since the snow came last week. And now 'they' say it's gonna snow again on Tuesday. Don't mind so bad as I'm off work till the 5th, kids are out of school till the 4th and DH doesn't have to go back to work till Thursday but I really hope it doesn't get as much ice as it did last time. People in Lubbock are stupid on ice. Me, I'll drive 10mph like a sane person would but these dummies will blow by me like there's nothing on the road...then I'll pass them when they've slid around and stopped on the curb or in the ditch...


So as the song says "let it snow" because we're good to go! LOL



***just no ice ok?***