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Themed basket raffle

Last post Jan 18, 2010 11:22 AM by Jogie1 . 19 replies.

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  • Themed basket raffle

    Our town is raising money to host our 125th celebration.  We will be holding a "Gourmet Guys" event in May.  We would like to include a raffle/auction of themed baskets.  Our only stipulation to the people who are willing to donate is their investment must be a minimum of $20.  We (the committee) is not limiting the themes.  Would you please be willing to share any ideas that you have done or have seen?  I am looking for ideas so I can pass them on to people who are willing to put a basket together, but don't have an idea.  Thank you for any thoughts and ideas you are willing to share.


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    What a nice idea. A spa basket with towels, soap, candles, slippers etc.


    An Italian basket with pasta sauce, pasta, croutons etc


    A movie night one with a movie, popcorn etc.


    Wine and cheese


    Candy basket


    Stationary with all kinds of nice stationary and stamps


    The possibilities are so endless.

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    Sports themes are always popular.  Maybe a pair of tickets to a local team along with a few items with their team logo on it (ball cap, t-shirt, keychain, etc.)

    Other baskets I've put in money to win were:

    BBQ basket (with stuff like a bbq cookbook, bbq tongs, sauce, mitt, etc.)

    Wine basket (with wine, a couple glasses, ornamental wine stopper, wine charms)

    Pet care baskets for dogs or cats (with treats, toys, grooming aids, etc.)

    Coffee and tea basket (With a nice selection of different flavored coffees and teas, nice mug, teacup & saucer) 

    That's all I can remember of at the moment


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    Used to have a list, but can't find it now.  If you Google this, there are tons of lists out there.  Most are for schools so have a lot of Barbie or Matchbox baskets. 

    Maybe you could do baskets around companies in town.  Ask the local theater for donations and do a basket based on that - the theater can donate tickets,etc and others can donate dvds, candy, and more.  The golf course could donate a day of golf and others can donate a golf shirt, tees, balls, etc.

    Restaurants: gift certs for restaurants in town.

    Swim lessons: add goggles, fins, sunscreen

    Couples night out: babysitting from local church?, dance lessons, restaurant certificate, limo cert

    Ride on fire truck: book on fireman, toy fire truck, fireman's hat


    Have fun!





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    Our elementary school used to do these and the sports baskets (with or without tickets) were the best sellers. 

    Another one that was popular was a birthday basket: Pan or bowl, cake mix, icing, candles, sprinkles, paper plates, hats, blowers, etc.


    This is a great idea.  Have fun!!

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    A garden basket - with hand tools, an appropriate size bag of soil and herb seed in a clay pot would be fun.  Maybe a pair of garden gloves.


    A Sugar Cookie mix with an appropriate cutter, frostings and sprinkles.


    A Car wash bucket with micro fiber towels, car wash and air fresheners.




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    Lottery tickets. When I do this people go crazy for them. You can either put them on a piece of cardboard and put plastic wrap over them, or you can put the tickets in a picture frame. (Like a 9X11 frame)

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    Jogie, our Little League Team did a themed basket raffle for their fund raiser. These can be EXTREMELY profitable! 


    A couple of notes from our experiences:  One, the silent auction raised more money than other types of auctions.  Two, the groups who thought outside the box on their "basket" seemed to hit the home runs on the money. Three, some families went in together, which made for much larger "baskets", thus going for more money. 


    It was a great fund raiser and one that is being repeated again for the third year due to the success.  The "baskets" that were the top money winners were:


    1.4th July/Fireworks Basket:  Someone got a large garbage can, decorated it for the 4th and filled it with various American Flag items and fireworks. People LOVED it and it raised a HUGE amount of money, far more than what was spent.


    2. A BBQ Basket:  A picnic basket was filled with all kinds of BBQ items. This was a huge hit as well.


    3.A Sports Basket:  A duffel bag was filled with balls, gloves, other sports items.  This was a huge hit but remember, it was a Little League Raffle,  so that might not fit into "Gourmet Guys."


    General observations were that the more "creative" the basket, the more attention it gathered from those who were making bids.  Also, people seemed to bid on the more "practical" baskets - the things they could use.  There were several beautiful baskets that were filled with expensive items that folks just didn't seem to bid on because they either didn't know what they were used for, or they were so speciality, that they weren't interested in getting them.  Of course this was a family focused event, so family oriented items went better than adult themed. With Gourmet Guys as your theme, the theme seems more adult in nature.


    That's all I have for now - I hope that something here helps you! Good luck to you!  You have already received a lot of great ideas!  Please let us know how it goes! 


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     I recently did a huge"Passion For Chocolate"  basket for our club at Christmastime.  I put in some different small bags of gourmet chocolates, at I bought a chocolate calendar (each month has a delicious chocolate picture) at TOH, I bought a cookbook on sale for $5 that has a chocolate torte on the front cover, I also included a gourmet hot chocolate mix with a cute mug, chocolate chip gourmet cookies, as well as the recipe for "Chocolate Gravy" along with the dry ingredients, etc.  It was fun to make, and then I put it in cellophane shrink wrap (from Michael's) with a gold metallic bow, so it looked professional. It was very popular, and everyone wanted to win it.


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    on your gourmet guys theme:


    Asian basket... wok.. asian cuisine cookbook...wok tools.... asian cooking sauces....etc....

     this could be done with so many ethnic foods....


    One I have done so many times is the movie basket.. with popcorn.. movie sized boxes of candy.. bottles of soda....and a gift card for movie rentals.....(by putting the gift card in and not purchasing a movie you get far more interest because your choice of movie and someone else's are not always the same)


    another that is always a winner is a picnic basket... purchase a picnic basket make a square red and white checkered table cloth and napkins, bottle of wine(and opener) paper plates wine glasses... plastic silverware... small plastic containers that will fit into basket... then top with a salami  or beef stick.. cheese.. a loaf of french bread or crackers and chocolate dipped strawberries..... and a small cutting board and knife.....


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    THANK YOU for all of the great ideas!  I will print these out and I am sure it will motivate people to volunteer a basket.  I live in a town of about 600 people.  Our "Gourmet Guys" consists of 20-25 men of the community who donate and serve something they have made.  They can make, a meat dish, vegetable, dessert, bread, or a drink.  They only serve each person about a couple of tablespoons of their dish.  With the guest getting a taste of 20-25 items, they get plenty of food, but the chefs do not have to make a lot.  It is a free-willing offering and families attend.  We hold it at noon on Mother's Day.  I wish you could all attend, and see how many of your basket ideas are there!!

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    Great ideas!  I have also seen a girls or guys night in basket, a pamper yourself basket and a pet basket. 

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     what a great idea!!!  How about ethnic food baskets, some have been mentioned.

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    These are great ideas--our high school booster club is hosting a golf tournament/silent auction in  May and I am printing   this thread so I can make up some baskets for the  silent auction...

    What about a basket of home-canned jams and jellies? Maybe add some bagels, a spreading knife, etc? 

    Great ideas, here!!


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     BIrds - birdwatching book, napkins, towels, stationary, ect. - everything with a bird on it.

    Bird Feeding - feeder, seed, sute, maybe even a bird bath.

    I haven't done this one yet, but plan to - ours is mid Nov. for CHristmas gifts - I plan to do a pickle basket, with jars of different kinds of pickles and then the pickle ornament to decorate the basket and tell of the ledgend with it.

    The biggest fund raising basket we had was a cooler filled with different kinds of the speciality beers.  It brought big bucks.

    Scrapbooking basket with all kinds of papers, paper cutters, stickers, ect.