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Reinventing leftovers

Last post Dec 06, 2010 3:27 PM by Callie123 . 5 replies.

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  • Reinventing leftovers

    If I can I like to use leftovers in a different way than their original state-with a few exceptions-Pasta dishes seem to get better over a day or two.

    Yesterday's Swiss Steak meal became tonights Beef Vegetable with Barley Soup. There was the rich vegetable stock that the steak was cooked in and leftover steak. Starting with some beef broth, vegetables and barley-I later added the Swiss Steak mixture and the diced leftover steak. Its pretty darned good if I do say so myself.

    Saturday night's oven baked chicken became tonights chicken salad for a sandwich to go along with the soup.

    Makes me happy when I can recycle leftovers into "new" meals.

  • Re: Reinventing leftovers

    I have been called the leftover queen around here for years!!  Nothing is wasted!!  and if not enough to make a dinner then they get it for lunch!!


    Old age ain't no place for sissies . -Bette Davis-
  • Re: Reinventing leftovers
    My Dad taught me not to waste a single thing.  I always make stock from chicken bones, beef bones etc.  I chop up left over meats or poultry for use in salads, sandwiches etc etc.  I am a VERY creative cook (much to the chagrin of my DH who hates leftovers LOL).
    Witty Whitney!
  • Re: Reinventing leftovers

    Meatloaf is chopped up and placed in spaghetti, seems no different them making meatballs.

    Roasts are chopped up and added to a pot of vegetable soup.

    Leftover ham is made either into bean soup or ham pot pie, or ham sandwhiches.

    sloppy jo's are turned in to tacos or chili, or added to spaghetti

    chili is turned into chili doges or better frozen to use later.

    turkey and trimmings  is turned into stuffed shells or a shepherd's pie.

    chicken is chopped up and used for soup, or casserole, or gravy over biscuits.

    Nothing is wasted if I can't help it. Most items are instantly frozen then used again later, or turned into another different meal.

    Mash potatoes turned into fried potato cakes or potato candy.

    I had leftover scalloped potatoes from dinner yesterday. I added them to my slowcooker with all the other ingredients needed for cheeseburger soup. Nice way to use them up for a warm meal tonight. 

  • Re: Reinventing leftovers

    I'm into 'planned leftovers'.  When I make a meal, I usually have a plan to present the leftovers in a different way.


    Pretty much anything can be turned into a casserole, of course. 

    Roast Beef can become: a quick stew, 10 minutes BBQ'd beef, hot roast beef sandwiches. 

    Cooked chicken or beef can top a salad or go into pasta sauce or a stir-fry.

    Creamed dried beef always first comes to the table served over toast.  The second time around, however, it may be paired with pasta or sliced potatoes for a casserole.

    If there's only a little BBQ, creamed dried beef or hot roast beef leftover, I'll use it as a topping for mashed potatoes.

    Ham--omelettes, salad, bbq ham.

    Leftover Spaghetti can be rerun as spaghetti pie

    And, of course, there's always soup---just made a big pot of delicious pea soup from a ham bone I had left over.


    It's so nice to cook once, and have the makings for several more 10-15 minute, different, meals close at hand.