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How can I 'grate' a candy cane?

Last post Dec 27, 2012 10:02 AM by shelleyjCA2AZ . 5 replies.

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  • How can I 'grate' a candy cane?

    I have one of those real fat candy canes.  I want to make some chocolate cookies and have white frosting on them.  I then want to sprinkle some candy cane pieces on top of the frosting.  If I break it up in pieces, would a food processor do the trick?  I don't have one of the hand graters.  If food processor won't work, how do I break it up in small pieces?


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  • Re: How can I 'grate' a candy cane?

    i would put it in something like a ziplock bag and then smash the heck out of it with either a hammer or heavy pan (cast iron).  I wouldn:t take the chance of ruining my processor.


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  • Re: How can I 'grate' a candy cane?

    I use the ziplock bag and hammer or meat tenderizer and it works great.  I would not put it in the food processor.

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  • Re: How can I 'grate' a candy cane?

    Agree with the above comments....I used a food processor last year and it turned it to powdered sugar DUST, while still leaving larger hunks....not a good solution.  Now here is another possibility......DON'T LAUGH, PROMISE ??  A long time ago, I read somewhere to flatten chicken breasts without all that pounding that rattles my brain, you could place them in a HEAVY PLASTIC BAG, put the bag under the tire of your car in the garage and back over the bag.  Sounded feasible to me, so I tried it and had even double bagged them !  Had DH back the car up while I watched to tell him when he'd passed the tire over it.  YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH A FREAKIN' MESS IN YOUR LIFE !!  He backed up slowly, but it blew chicken EVERYWHERE !  We were both doubled over laughing our heads off but NEVER AGAIN !  Ick !   What a mess !  Having said that, I think I might be tempted to double bag the peppermint sticks and give it a try. DH said, "That most probably work but put a small piece of plywood or something like that OVER the candy bag and one UNDER it so the tire tread isn't directly on the plastic bag.  That's what caused it to explode.  Whatcha think ?



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    OMG Marilyn how stinkin' funny!!!!


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  • Re: How can I 'grate' a candy cane?
    Ziplock bag and a rolling pin work well too...but personally I would not smash the heck out of them, otherwise you could have candy cane dust.....

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