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What's For Supper? Thursday December 27, 2012

Last post Dec 27, 2012 4:00 PM by beachgirlAZ . 3 replies.

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  • What's For Supper? Thursday December 27, 2012

    Good afternoon y'all. Hoping you all are having a good day & keeping warm & for those who are having lots of snow I hope you are safe in your homes. It is 45 here but supposed to be 50 & it is drizzling, we need the rain for we are in a severe drought again. I guess it is because of the humidity but I am cold--such a nice thing to be for a change.

    Got my bed changed & the sheets are laundered & put away. Not much else going on around here, with hubby home I'm not getting anything done, I guess this is my vacation too.   Wink


    We had a chicago dog from Sonic for lunch & I'm sure we will still be full at supper time so I think we will have some Ham & split pea soup, sounds good to me!


    What will you be having for your supper tonight???


  • Re: What's For Supper? Thursday December 27, 2012

    good chilly afternoon....we are at a balmy 51 right now....cold for here....this morning a "reporter" was out in the field  for a local morning chatty news show and you could see her breath....she was wearing gloves, boots and a long coat....she was saying how cold she was...the lady in studio told her to enjoy it because we would be hot again soon.....LOL...we get cold here...desert blood and all...HA

    hit the gym this morning...and I can finally walk my fast speed again....my back is all better now...woohoo...came home and cleaned me up and spiffed the house....put some of dinner into a small crock pot...and the house smells so good....so tonight we shall dine on:

    penne pasta with sauce and meatballs

    garlic bread

    have a great day...and I am happy your kitty is back home from her big adventure.... 


    It's not how you start, it's how you end....so end strong!!

    Walk yourself strong!!

  • Re: What's For Supper? Thursday December 27, 2012

    Hi Patty and everyone,

    Overcast here today, the sun has tried to shine through a couple of times. 'They' are calling for more rain today, if I could, I would send you some, Patty, we've had enough for a while. lol

    Got all the Christmas decorations down and put away, didn't have a lot out so it took very little time. :) The tree we bought last year is the perfect size, about 4 ft. so very easy to put away, the other one was in three pieces, tall and quite heavy, got rid of it through freecycle, let someone else deal with it. lol

    We had leftover Chowder from last night for lunch and feel quite full at the moment but will probably want something around dinner time. So......for dinner tonight we will be having...


    Oven fries

    Tossed salad

    Apple pie

    Have a great afternoon and evening. :)


  • Re: What's For Supper? Thursday December 27, 2012

    Hello all.  It is a nice pleasant day here.  Not hot!  Today was the day...the Christmas stuff came down.  It looks kind of sad and bare...but the calm will feel good too.  The boxes are all over the guest room...I need to do some rearranging with all that stuff.  Some stuff can go in the garage, some not...too hot in the summer.  I just packed the car for our trip tomorrow.  I have to leave room to put my step daughter in there when we pick her up tomorrow afternoon!

    Dinner will be Rubio's street tacos...I love those things!  Have a good one!

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