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How do you bake a smoked Turkey?

Last post Dec 24, 2010 4:13 AM by Maggies Mom . 7 replies.

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  • How do you bake a smoked Turkey?
    Sunday we were given a smoked turkey. It's unthawed enough to bake. Do you bake it like you would a normal turkey? Or anything I should or shouldn't do?
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    If it is a smoked turkey, it should already be fully cooked. There should probably be heating instructions on the package. Any smoked turkey I have ever had was already cooked. You might just want to "bake" it for a little while. Hope this helps. Happy Holidays!

    Kenna Lou
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    I found this on the internet by Diestel poultry.

    How do I heat a smoked turkey?

    Our family has slowly smoked your Diestel turkey in our own smokehouse until fully cooked. All you need to do is heat-to-taste or enjoy chilled. We are proud to bring you the natural quality of a range grown Diestel Turkey, now slowly smoked. Enjoy the ease of heat-and serve!

    To enjoy a moist and tender turkey, just remove chilled (not frozen) bird from bag; place in a roasting pan and heat at 325°F for approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours or to taste.

    Our smoked boneless breast heats just as you would a ham. Enjoy this honey glaze recipe or heat alone. Enjoy the ease of heat-and serve! Place smoked breast in an open pan. Roast in a 325ºF oven for approximately 30 minutes or until desired temperature is reached.

    Honey Glaze

    This quick and tasty glaze adds a nice touch

    2 Tbsp. honey
    2 Tbsp. dk. brown sugar
    1 Tbsp. prepared mustard
    1 tsp. lemon juice
    1/2 tsp. cloves, ground
    Blend ingredients and brush over smoked turkey prior to heating.

    I hope this helps, Boe
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    I just went a did a Google search for you.....

    Here's something I found...

    reheating instructions
    You can eat the turkey cold, but we recommend (and prefer) it warmed in the oven. The heat helps loosen-up the natural juices and brings out more of the turkey's natural flavors. To reheat, cover the turkey with aluminum foil and place it in a 300-degree oven for 2-4 hours until the turkey's internal temperature reaches 140 to 150 degrees. You want to warm-up the turkey, not cook it, so do not go above 150 degrees or the turkey will dry out.

    Incidentally the turkey tastes best when it's just warm or room temp -- not hot. The flavor is incredible.

    Hope this helps.

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    I got this recipe out of a newspaper years ago, if you like smoked turkey
    and do not have a smoker, try this.

    Smoked Turkey

    10-12 lb. turkey
    2 cups Morton Tender Quick
    8 T. Wright's liquid smoke
    1 cup ice cream salt
    2 gallons water

    Dissolve Morton's Tender Quick, liquid smoke, ice cream salt and
    water is a lg.pail or bucket. Soak
    turkey submerged in this solution for atleast 24 hrs. Bake turkey in a
    cooking bag at 350 for 3-4 hrs or
    until done. It is very good! Roberta
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    My family operates a meat locker and butcher shop with a smoke house connected to it. Every year we smoke around 70 turkeys before thanksgiving. The previous posts say that a smoked turkey is always fully cooked. This may not be the case. The ones we make are only half way cooked, and require a baking time of around 3-4 hours at 300 to 325 degrees. The turkey has intense smoky flavor, but still requires you to bake or roast it. I would assume that many smaller smokehouses don't fully cook the turkey at the risk of over heating and toughening the meat. I know it is just hard to judge when 70 plus turkeys are all fully cooked when some will be closer to the smoker than others (we use cedar chips and sawdust). Your turkey may be fully cooked, but I suggest using a meat thermometer, and to make sure the very center of the meat is at least 175-185 degrees. Any more than this will cause the proteins to tighten and the meat to become tougher.
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    Welcome to the board Outl4w. Looking forward to more of your expertise in the smoking dept.
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    Thank you Out14w; your post was very helpful!

    Merry Christmas!