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Knife Marks on Dishes

Last post Jan 25, 2005 8:33 PM by ks_girl . 7 replies.

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  • Knife Marks on Dishes
    I have white Pfaltzcraft dishes and they constantly get gray knife marks on them. I have a special cleaner that removes them, but the marks come right back when they are used. I love the way food looks on white dishes, but I am tired of this problem. Do any of you have everyday white dishes that you are pleased with?
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    My DD has these kind of dishes and has no trouble with them, go on line and see if the company has an 800 number you could call and tell them the problem, It never hurts to ask. Good Luck. Judy


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    what cleaner do you use that removes the marks? I've never had any luck!
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    Don't waste your time with customer service. If you already have the cleaner that is what they will tell you to use.

    I know this because I have been calling them for 2 years now. I bought the French Quarter from Pfaltzgraff. The colors are perfect for our kitchen.
    The centers of the dinner plates are white with a green, cream and yellow band. The salad plates are mostly green in the same colors. They show no marks at all which makes me wonder why they didn't make the dinner plates that way.

    I scrub and shine these up and after just one use, they look bad again. Very embarassing when you have company.
    The last time I called customer service they said that was just the way white plates are. To that I asked them why my 'cheap' grocery store plates with white backgrounds don't do it????

    They didn't have an answer.
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    The grocery store dinnerware is snowmen and I have been using it since before Christmas because I can't stand to mess up the Pfaltzgraff!

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    Subject: Pfaltzgraff cleaner
    Posted by: EMMYLOU Replies: 5 Posted on: 11/30/2003 1:32:38 PM
    I.m wondering if anyone has any other cleaner they use on the scratch marks on the pfaltzgraff dinnerware other than the stoneware porcelain cleaner you have to buy especially for that. It takes 15 minutes of set time for that to work, wondered if there was anything as good but quicker and maybe cheaper. Thanks

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    RE: Pfaltzgraff cleaner
    Posted by: motherofdogs Posted on: 11/30/2003 2:34:54 PM
    Hi Emmylou -

    Don't be discouraged from buying the Pfaltzgraff cleaner because of price -
    I say this because only a tiny amount is needed to set on each dish. When DH used the cleaner on our dishes, he discovered that you can even scrape (with a rubber kitchen spatula) a little of the cleaner off of a dish you have cleaned and onto the next dish, using it more than once! This stuff works great, and doesn't require much elbow grease.

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    Hi Vettelvr -

    As you can see above, I re-printed a previous post. I have the "Orleans" pattern of Pfalzgraff, and they mark up easily.

    A friend of ours has the same problem. He called Pfalzgraff and complained. They told him that the marks were caused by high nickel content in his silverware. They suggested that for everyday use, go to discount store/Walmart or something, and buy a cheap set of flatware, which won't leave marks.
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    The silverware suggestion is something I hadn't heard before.
    Did he try it?