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PCH Kitchen ~~ Happy Valentine's Day!!

Last post Feb 15, 2005 12:26 AM by GrandmaCookN . 27 replies.

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  • PCH Kitchen ~~ Happy Valentine's Day!!

    Good morning, so good to see you. We hope you'll find the warmth and the friendship here that we have been privileged to enjoy. We have a common bond. We are physically challenged homemakers.

    We share affection for one another through compassion, honesty, and most importantly, respect for one another and one another's situations.

    We gather here to share information on ways to make our lives easier, to offer support to each other and to share humor and laughter, sometimes tears and always good food.

    There is always room in the kitchen for all who would like to join in...So help yourself to a cup of coffee, cocoa, tea or fruit juice. There are always fresh fruit , muffins, coffee cake and cookies....pull up a chair at the old country table and visit awhile.....and remember to tell a friend.

    For our old friends that have not been by for awhile, we hope you will drop in and let us know how you are doing.

  • RE: PCH Kitchen ~~ Happy Valentine's Day!!
    I found this on allrecipes.com

    A recent study that was intended to measure certain perfumes' seductive powers, ended up inadvertently finding that, far more powerful than the smell of any perfume was the smell of certain foods. Since the aromatic powers of these aphrodisiacs are at their height when they are warm, serve dessert fresh out of the oven, perhaps with a glistening scoop of vanilla ice cream melting slowly against the side. Be sure to have the sexy sweets baking in the oven when the object of your affection arrives; the scents wafting from the kitchen will drive your darling wild!

    Sinfully Cinnamon
    Are you ready? The first on the list of sweet stimulators was cinnamon. This spice comes from the bark of an Asian tree, and is probably lurking in your pantry as we speak, just waiting for you to help it release its exotic yet comforting aroma by mixing it into a moist, tender cake, or rolling it up in some buttery, yeasty dough.

    The Pleasure of Pumpkin
    A close second to the sensory seduction of cinnamon was probably not what you would expect: pumpkin pie! Pumpkin pie has a rich, spicy aroma, and evokes for anyone who inhales it, the velvety smooth texture of the slice that is soon to be theirs. No need to stop at pumpkin pie, though; there's a whole bevy of luscious pumpkin desserts to choose from, all of which will turn your Sweetheart to putty in your hands.

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    Melting Moments
    Did you think we were going to forget about chocolate? Not a chance! Just like cinnamon and pumpkin seem to be particularly potent for men, it's chocolate that most often causes women to melt like a truffle when its warm smell reaches their quivering nostrils. Chocolate contains something called phenylethylamine (PEA). Many scientists believe that PEA causes the brain to release the same kinds of chemicals that evoke the euphoria we feel when we are in love! Get giddy with a voluptuous Valentine dessert.

  • RE: PCH Kitchen ~~ Happy Valentine's Day!!
    Good Morning, I have some errands to run today and laundry later.
    I found a recipe posted that was one of my long-time, long-ago favorites, Orange Julius, so going to drink that all day instead of eating.

    You all have a great day.SYAL.
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    Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Looks like I'll be making a cake for DH and I think I'll make it a heart shape one and decorate it (at laest attempt to) I just hope he doesn't wake up from the smell. I just bought me some cinnamon bread to....hhhhmmmm! Of course I bought him some chocolate candy but will only put a few out at a time otherwise he will sit and eat the whole bag in one sitting!

    Homebody- You just gave a great idea... I LOVE oragne julius but I have some strawberries in the freezer so I think I'll makea strawberry one. I don't go near the mall very often so I don't get my fix!

    just got home from my pulmonary test, took only 15 min. Of course she couldn't tell me if I passed or not but she did say that I didn't have to do the 2nd part and it should be good enough for the transplant evaluation. I hope so.
    I'm going to go back a lay down for a little while. Hope to see more of the kitchen later.

  • RE: PCH Kitchen ~~ Happy Valentine's Day!!
    Good Morning!

    Bumping this up from page 9.

  • RE: PCH Kitchen ~~ Happy Valentine's Day!!
    Nancy! I saw you on TV yesterday! I was cuddled up in the recliner due to out of control allergies, and watching TV. Mr. Clean has a new tool for the bathroom. I think they call it "The Reach." It is the tool you've been asking for for cleaning the bathtub, etc! It is similar to a Swiffer in that it has scrubbing slipcovers that go over it. Only it is pliable, and football shaped to get into the nooks & crannies of the tub or toilet. It can also be used on counters and floors. They listened to you Nancy, and made a tool just for you!

    If you go on their website, they are supposed to have a $3 off coupon.

    Demo is here:


    I can't find the coupon, and need to leave for the gym. If you find it, please send me the URL!

    Love you!

  • RE: PCH Kitchen ~~ Happy Valentine's Day!!
    Just dropping in to wish each of you the kind of Valentine's Day you most wish for yourself...even if its just a healthy day, a sunny day or a quiet day.

    I'm just sitting here in the big rocking chair in the corner, nibbling on warm cookies and that hot chocolate in the middle of the table...

    This morning the governments 'Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome" counsellor is coming by (in a few minutes) for my therapy session. Last night we had a big potluck for all the neighbours and I was amazed that some of the families still evacuated came too! Including the ones with the little baby who was miraculously unhurt though the house was crushed (see photo on my webpage). She is an absolute DOLL.. Their house is going to be flattened by the authorities so we don't all get upset every time we have to pass it.

    The remaining ten families were just told that they can't go home for 2 more months (if ever) so there were a few of them too upset to come to the party. I took Chicken and Portobello Mushroom Stroganoff - big hit. I have never seen so much food at a potluck--seems like everyone is comforting themselves with food!

    Running out of space.. Penny
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    Happy Valentines Day PCH'ers and guests.
    Its a beautiful day in our area today. In the 70's. Can sure live with that! The sun is so welcome but will be short lived rain coming in wed.
    JENNI...loved your opening. Very true smells can effect us in many ways. Make us loveing or some smells can even bring up memories better left alone. Think cinnamon is so comforting.
    LINDA..oh does an Orange Julius sound good now. If your recipe turns out to be a keeper please share with us. Mine is not like the real one.O(
    DEE..so glad your pulmonary test is now behind you. That was a fast one, good sign. Goodness girl, chocolate cake, cinnamon bread and candy. You are covering all the bases with DH.*smile* Now you two have a wonderful day.
    TC..how good to hear from you today. I couldn't find the coupon either but they will send you a free trial magic eraser at this url http://www.homemadesimple.com/mrclean/products/duo.shtml
    Will sure be watching the coupons in the newspaper for coupon for the Reach. Sounds like something we all could use. Thanks for the info. Do hope those allergies clear up soon.
    PENNY..wonderful to see you today. How nice that your neighboor could get together for a pot luck dinner. Know it was comforting to all be together for good food and a visit. My heart goes out to those who may never be able to return to their homes. How very sad. Your Chicken and Portobello Mushroom Stroganoff sounds so good. Have you posted it here? I have some beautiful Portobello mushrooms I need to use.
    Our HEB had them on sale. Could not resist.
    Running out of space too so will just wish everyone a day full of smiles and lots of love.
    Hug, Nancy

    Blessed are those that can give without remembering and take without forgetting.

  • RE: PCH Kitchen ~~ Happy Valentine's Day!!
    Happy Valentine's Day to All. Hope your day is delightful.

    Good to see Christine and Penny today.

    Liked the opening Jenni.

    Lacie, glad your test is behind you.

    Homebody, hope you will post recipe for the drink. I am not familiar with it. Don't think a drink would do me for the day:)

    Sun is shinning right now. Hope it stays for the day.

    As a deer longs for flowing streams, so my soul longs for you, O God. Psalm 42:1

  • RE: PCH Kitchen ~~ Happy Valentine's Day!!

    The Love of Friends
    by Vivian Yelser Laramore

    Give me the love of friends, and I
    Shall not complain of cloudy sky
    Or little dreams that fade and die.

    Give me the clasp of one firm hand,
    The lips that say,"I understand,"
    And I shall walk on holy land...

    For fame and fortune burdens bring
    And winter takes the rose of spring
    But friendship is a God-like thing.

    As a deer longs for flowing streams, so my soul longs for you, O God. Psalm 42:1

  • RE: PCH Kitchen ~~ Happy Valentine's Day!!
    Hi Nancy sorry I missed you. No excuse, your name is right there on list of visiters:) But vision is little skippy today. Hope you and your DH and a very good day.

    As a deer longs for flowing streams, so my soul longs for you, O God. Psalm 42:1

  • RE: PCH Kitchen ~~ Happy Valentine's Day!!
    Happy Valentine's Day Ladies! Hope your day is going well.

    Please take your rose corsage. I put them in the refrigerator. How do you like the white ribbon with the little red hearts? As I made each one of you one, I said a prayer for you.

  • RE: PCH Kitchen ~~ Happy Valentine's Day!!
    Nancy, Had time now, and did a search on Google. Found the coupon on Start Sampling.

  • RE: PCH Kitchen ~~ Happy Valentine's Day!!
    Happy Valentines Day everyone
    my youngest is sick today-poor thing. She was so looking forward to exchanging valentines. I guess the flu has gotten its sneaky self into the house.
    I went to the grocery today . I was surprised by all the cars in the lot. When i went inside i had to smile...it was ALL men buying flowers, chocolates , balloons....it was very sweet to watch-made me smile.
    Hope you all get a little surprise from your valentine