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Betty Crocker Bake n Fill Cake Pan Recipes

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    Assembling the cake:
    Tall cake will still be in the pan. Spread frosting into the bowl of the tall cake. Gently turn the cheesecake into the bowl of the tall cake. Spread frosting over the edge of the tall cake and the cheesecake center. Place the base cake over the tall cake. Turn the cake onto your cake plate.

    Place the remainder of the frosting in a cup and microwave for about 20-30 seconds. Spread a thin layer of the warm frosting over the entire cake. This will look like a shiny glaze.


    Serve with strawberries (raspberries, peaches) and a dollop of whipping cream.
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    KY this sounds like a whole lot of work and time invilve, I really appreciate all the effort you have went to, to come up with a workable recipe. Hod did you like the cake and would you do it all over again- buy the pan- Was this dessert worth all the effort and money that went in it.
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    This was absolutely great. I was going to try doing the cheesecake part at the same time as the pound cake part, but I was afraid one would take longer than the other to bake. It looked really great when I put it on the plate. It was definitely yummy.

    The pan is a novelty, but I think that once I start using it, I will really like it. This was my first cake in it, and I must say, I was very pleased with the outcome. I was a little afraid that it could be a real flop. The next time, I may add about 3 more ounces of cream cheese to the insert pan, because the cheesecake did sink down to the amount I put in originally. By adding more cream cheese, I would need less frosting to fill in the whole.

    The overall time consuming part was due to baking the cheesecake center separately. Next time, I will do that the night before I bake the cake. The assembly was really easy. I made the frosting while the cake was in the oven.

    All in all, it didn't take that much longer than it takes to make a scratch cake with frosting.

    The pound cake had a very fine crumb and was delicious.

    Yes, I will make it again. Keep in mind, that I have very limited time to bake these days, so that is saying a lot!

    KY Kate
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    I have experimented with several fillings, but not all of them may be available to you unless you have a cake or specialty store that supplies them. If you have an opportunity to try any Henry and Henry fillings in the 2 pound tubes, they are delicious and easily adaptable to dome cake fillings.

    This was derived from Star’s Lemon Pillow cake and worked fine for a ‘quick’ cake. It was delicious!

    Lemon Dome Cake
    I made an Easter Bonnet!)
    2 White cake mixes or choice flavors
    1 can (mine was 1lb. 5 oz. ) lemon pie filling
    4 oz. cream cheese, softened
    3/4 cup whipping cream
    3-4 T powdered sugar
    1 can or equivalent of–lemon frosting
    Decorations and frosting as desired-I used fresh strawberries and Wilton spray frosting to make band on hat.
    Mix cake mixes according to directions-mix each separately. Place one batter into top large dome cavity. Secure dome center.
    The other batter I place in a 12-inch round layer pan-at this point, you can use the bottom layer with the pan set or the center in the dome.
    Bake according to directions for dome pan. Cool completely.
    Remove dome from inside large dome. Spoon pie filling inside large dome cake, approximately 1/2 inch thick.
    In mixing bowl, beat whipping cream until very stiff peaks form; add powdered sugar. Mix in softened cream cheese until smooth. Then mix in remaining pie filling and blend thoroughly.
    Spoon this mixture into dome cake cavity, firmly pushing filling to compact tightly. Smooth filling over the cake bottom on the dome part. Firmly holding dome pan, position dome over bottom layer and quickly flip onto surface. Finish as desired.
    *I found that if you don’t have filling ‘adhesive’ to the cake in the dome, it wants to drag as you position what ever bottom layer you are using.
    *If you are using the bottom layer included with dome pans, position round layer over dome pan before
    flipping. You can then position the cake plate centered over the entire pan, flipping with one quick movement.
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    Has anyone been trying any recipes in their dome pan? This is the latest one that I made.

    Strawberry Filled Dome Cake
    2 Strawberry or chocolate Cake Mixes
    4 oz Cream Cheese, softened
    1 qt. hulled and quartered strawberries
    1 cup heavy cream
    1/8-1/4 cup powdered sugar
    1 can fudge RTS frosting
    Whip cream to very stiff peaks. Add powdered sugar. Blend in softened cream cheese. Fold in strawberries. (Approximately 8 uniform in size halves can be reserved for garnish. Refrigerate.
    Mix 1 cake(use your favorite cake recipe or method of making boxed cake or follow box instructions) and put into dome pan. Mix second cake mix and fill at least half full with batter. Remaining mix will make 12 cupcakes or fill inner dome. Bake and cool.
    Remove insert and spread some frosting on inside of dome-baked cake. Place chilled filling in center, pressing lightly to compact filling. (Save enough filling to lightly spread in optional step)
    Opt. step-Evenly cut cake layer and place over filled dome. Spread remaining filling over layer. Top with remaining layer.
    Invert serving plate over dome and quickly flip over. Use remaining chocolate frosting over cake.
    Refrigerate until serving time.
    **Use your favorite cake/frosting/ganache for cakes. This is enough filling to fill the dome and it holds up to slicing.
    **Hint-sweetened fruit makes the whipping cream kind of 'soupy'.
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    Thanks for the recipes. I haven't had time to bake lately.

    KY Kate
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  • RE: Betty Crocker Bake n Fill Cake Pan Recipes
  • RE: Betty Crocker Bake n Fill Cake Pan Recipes
    I have the pan but never made anything with thanks for bringing up the recipes.
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    Check you local Thrift Store. It's a scavenger hunt, but worth it. I have 3 sets (one in ok condition, but the other in Great condition with all the pieces. I found through the research that there are 4 pieces to the whole set. i originally found just the round pan with base and the cover. the second set i found had the same items, but the base pan was a little larger. The third set was the entire thing. Flat cake pan, the pan with base, the other dome pan w/o base and the lid. Just get them in pieces if you are having trouble finding them, but of course theres always ebay. I usally got the pieces for less than 2 dollars, and the whole set I found was $5!

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    I got a set in hopes of making an owl cake. If I fill the dome pan for the top, can I fill it 3/4 of the way and how long to cook it? No filling. Just solid cake done with a two layer for the owl's body. Thank you!