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Who sells the BEST spiral sliced ham ?

Last post Nov 25, 2006 7:47 PM by Alliea . 38 replies.

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  • Who sells the BEST spiral sliced ham ?
    I love Honey Baked, but it's just waaaaay too expensive -- and I hate the lines around the holidays! Love that coating, though!

    Where do you get your favorite, is it coated at all, and how do you warm it?




  • RE: Who sells the BEST spiral sliced ham ?
    I don't know if you have an ALDI there but they sell a spiral sliced honey ham for $1.29 -$1.49 lb that is every bit as good as Honey Baked. You just heat it up in the oven with a little water in a pan, covered with foil for a couple of hours,last 15 minutes you put on the glaze. Really simple and delicious!!Good luck!Sandy
  • RE: Who sells the BEST spiral sliced ham ?
    Hi Susie,
    First I want you to know that I am a brands shopper, but. . . the best ham we buy is at Aldi's. It is spiral sliced and the Appleton brand. The price is right! The next best we have eaten is a Smithfield ham, but I haven't seen it spiral cut. If you try the Appleton, let me know what you think.

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  • RE: Who sells the BEST spiral sliced ham ?
    I buy the Carando Spiral sliced Ham at Shaw's supermarket. It comes with a ham glaze packet attached. I bake it in a pyrex dish, uncovered, for 7 mins a pound. I make the glaze on the stove top close to the end of the baking time, spoon or brush it on and then bake another 5 or 8 mins. I actually earned a free Ham or Turkey by spending so much over 4 weeks at Shaws.

    Here's the Carando link if you are interested:



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  • RE: Who sells the BEST spiral sliced ham ?
    I have to agree with SWRDMBO and 1033 about the Aldi's ham (Appleton). Granted, you'll have to heat it up and add the glaze, but you can't beat the price! It tastes good, too. DH will get a Honeybaked sometimes, but I cringe at the price.
  • RE: Who sells the BEST spiral sliced ham ?
    We usually get Honey Baked or Heavenly Ham Spiral sliced but we did get a few from Sams that was really good. They all seem dryer than the regular baked ham, but that is just me....Shirley
  • RE: Who sells the BEST spiral sliced ham ?
    Good Morning Susie,

    I echo your thoughts about the Honeybaked brand. Love it, love it, love it, but can't justify the price for a meal if it's just a regular meal around here.

    Sam's is on the top of our list for a Honeybaked wannabe. It's about $1.79 a pound. It comes with a dry honey glaze that you add 2 Tbsp of water and heat. You glaze the ham 1/2 hr before done. It use to be just half sliced but the most recent one we had about 2 weeks ago was completely sliced to the end.

    Baking is a cinch. It says 2 hours at 225º. I once hiked the heat to 300º and it was overdone. I always cover with aluminum foil.

    We always look forward to leftovers made into ham salad :)
  • RE: Who sells the BEST spiral sliced ham ?
    Suz, Cittie bumped up the Secret Honey Glazed ham recipe. Good luck.

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  • RE: Who sells the BEST spiral sliced ham ?
    Thanks, everyone! Looks like I'll be making a trip to Aldi's!! I'll have to check out where Heavenly Ham is around here and check that out too!

    Thanks for the note on the bump-up, Beej...I think I've copied that recipe before but I'll check it out.


  • RE: Who sells the BEST spiral sliced ham ?
    Hi Susie - Boy am I glad you started this thread because I would have never thought of Aldi's, which is only 5 min. away from my house!!! I shop there alot - did not think about the ham. I, too, love, love honeybaked and whole heartily agree that they are just too pricey - Heavenly Ham I have tried but it too, is a little on the expensive side. Will certainly go for the Appleton this year. Thanks everyone!!!

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  • RE: Who sells the BEST spiral sliced ham ?
    My Easter ham is coming from Aldi's...we love them!
  • RE: Who sells the BEST spiral sliced ham ?
    So far, the hams I've bought at Aldi's have been tops. The flavor is just wonderful and mine have been very lean (I hate fat). Since I can't afford Honey Baked, I vote for Aldi's, too.
  • RE: Who sells the BEST spiral sliced ham ?
    Hi Susie
    KNow I saw this on ther BB and the search actually worked first time
    Subject: Honey-baked Spiral Ham clone
    Posted by: Redraspberrygirl Replies: 5 Posted on: 12/16/2004 7:57:47 PM
    Recipe:Honey-Baked Spiral Ham
    My brother used to work at Honey Baked Ham,
    and they would get the hams from Hormel, they
    were pre-baked, and then he would put the
    brown-sugar and honey glaze over the hams,
    place them on top of huge oil drums (tops
    covered with aluminum foil, of course) and
    they use a butane torch to caramelize the
    glaze to a crust. I love them, and get one
    every year for my parents. Here is a close
    copycat recipe for it.:O)

    Yield: 16 servings

    1/2 Spiral-cut smoked ham (about
    7 lbs. fully cooked)
    1/2 c Pear Nectar
    1/2 c Orange juice
    1/2 c Firmly packed brown sugar
    1/2 c Honey

    Preheat oven to 375*. Place ham, cut end
    down, in a large baking pan. Mix together
    Pear nectar and orange juice In a bowl. Bake
    ham in a preheated Oven for 15 min., basting
    Twice with juice mixture. Mix together brown
    sugar And honey in a small bowl. Brush
    mixture over ham. bake For about another
    hour, or Until internal temperature Measures
    140* on an instant Read meat thermometer.
    Serve Immediately.

    NOTE: The picture on this Recipe looked
    exactly like An expensive commercial
    Honey-baked ham.

    ***This recipe is from April, 1995 Family
    Circle Magazine.

  • RE: Who sells the BEST spiral sliced ham ?
    ALDI!!!!!!! Its all I will buy!
  • RE: Who sells the BEST spiral sliced ham ?
    Susie...I buy the Hormel Cure81 Spiral cut hams at Walmart. I think they are wonderful and cost only 1.89 per pound. They have the coating mix attached but I usually don't put it on. To me, these are much leaner and more tender than the Smithfield hams.