1 cup sugar,
1 cup sour cream,
2 eggs,
2 tablespoonfuls of butter,
1 teaspoonful soda,
pinch of salt.
About 3½ cups of flour.
(Use extra flour to dredge the bake-board when rolling out crullers.)

This is a very good recipe for crullers, in which the economical housewife may use the cup of cream which has turned sour. This necessitates using less shortening, which otherwise would be required. Cream together sugar, butter, add yolks of eggs. Dissolve the soda in a small quantity of sour cream. Mix cream alternately with the flour. Add pinch of salt. Add just enough flour to roll out. Cut with small doughnut cutter with hole in centre. Fry in hot fat. Dust with pulverized sugar

By Mary