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Pepperidge Farm Party Rolls

Last post Apr 05, 2006 2:07 PM by Kaci0 . 5 replies.

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  • Pepperidge Farm Party Rolls
    Do they still make them? I can't find them anywhere, Jewel, Piggly Wiggly, etc.
  • RE: Pepperidge Farm Party Rolls
    I don't know. We used to buy little party rolls from Winn Dixie but I haven't looked for them in a long time. Maybe someone know....


    cilla/NW FL

                       cilla / NW FL                                   

  • RE: Pepperidge Farm Party Rolls
    I have the original printed
    Pepperidge Farm Cookbook by Margaret

    I am going to try and see if I can
    find any of the products in there
    that they sell.

    I got some recipes from Australia and the person typed on the bottom that the recipes in the book were
    right on.

    They printed a 2nd edition in 1965
    which was wide spread but never
    printed the book again.

    She has loads of recipes in there I
    will see if she has any for the
    rolls you want.

    With the coming t-storms I will post
    it as soon as I can if I find it.
  • RE: Pepperidge Farm Party Rolls
    These are the rolls they have listed

    Cheese Crescents
    Chocolate Sticky Buns
    Corn, raised
    Easy Refrigerator
    Figure 8;s , see Refrigerator Whole
    Wheat folls
    How to Shape
    Pan Ring see Refrigerator Whole Wheat
    Quick Celery Crescen.
    Rich Golden ( I wander if this
    recipe could be it/?)
    Saffron Buns
    Shaped Batter
    Strip (see Refrigerator Whole Wheat
    Sunday Breakfast

  • RE: Pepperidge Farm Party Rolls
    I haven't seen them in the Austin area, but I use Hawaiian Sweet Rolls. They come 12 to a package and are small and wonderful.
  • RE: Pepperidge Farm Party Rolls

    I found the recipe (I hope I picked
    the right one) In the Pepperidge
    Farm Cookbook. They had a basic dough
    and the way you shaped them matched
    up to page 245 where the Parker House
    Dinner Rolls shape was, so I used
    the dough for that.

    I hope I have the right one