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Rec: Livermush

Last post Apr 26, 2006 4:10 PM by GrandmaK_54_Illinois . 4 replies.

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  • Rec: Livermush
    no, this isn't from the mitford cookbook, although there is a description of how russel jacks would probably eat it, in the cookbook.

    Shared by Selkywaters

    This is a recipe for livermush which is only found in western North Carolina. Livermush is like liver pate but is more substantial since it has the cornmeal in it. The consistency is like very cold and brittle butter but grainy with cornmeal. Slice it thin and fry it until crispy or slice it thicker and heat it in the microwave. The dish is very different depending on how you fix it!

    1 fresh hog liver 1 1/2 lbs. fresh fat pork 2 c. cornmeal Red pepper Salt Black pepper Sage

    Cook liver and fat pork until tender. Remove from broth the liver only and grind. Add corn meal, peppers, and sage to taste. Add enough of the broth to soften mixture. Cook in saucepan until meal has cooked, stirring constantly. Put in mold. Press down until cold.

    Serving Suggestions
    Slice thin and fry in a pan until crispy. Slice thick and heat in microwave and place between mayonnaised bread for a tasty sandwich. The traditional way of eating it is to slice thin and fry until crispy and eat it with eggs. Lots of people mash it and the eggs up together with a fork and eat it with toast and/or grits.




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    Well, my sister was just asking me if I could find a recipe for a 5-lb. hog's liver, so now I guess I have one!!!!


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    No offense to you, Foots, or anyone else who thinks it looks yummy! lol



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    timing is everything colleen lol, glad to help.

    susie i have to agree with you. liver anything is bleah~




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    No disrespect to dear old Russel Jacks, but ICK!