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Can I freeze Mascarpone cheese?

Last post Jul 26, 2006 5:08 AM by HollyMcDonoughGA . 4 replies.

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  • Can I freeze Mascarpone cheese?

    I bought a small tub of it intending to make Tiramisu but haven't had the time and it expires tomorrow.

    Will freezing it ruin the texture?

    If so, then I'll just have to whip up a recipe!

  • RE: Can I freeze Mascarpone cheese?
    I probably wouldn,t try it since it's so expensive. But I found this info on the website

    Mascarpone can be frozen, Lambert says, but it may separate or shatter when defrosted. It can be re-emulsified, though, by whipping it vigorously with a wire whisk while it is still very cold.
  • RE: Can I freeze Mascarpone cheese?
    Thanks for your response! I'm still undecided whether to freeze it though! SIGH! LOL!! It's the expense that bothers me...

    But thanks again!
  • RE: Can I freeze Mascarpone cheese?
    I have had too much at times too, so I made it into the cream mixture that I use for my tiramisu or my cheese icing and frozen that. Then when I needed it, I thawed it and made my dessert. Worked great.

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  • RE: Can I freeze Mascarpone cheese?
    Re: marscapone cheese
    Ask Sarah
    From: Sarah Phillips
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    Soft cheeses, such as mascarpone, should be eaten soon after purchasing. As a general rule, the harder the cheese, the longer it will remain fresh. It is not recommended that soft cheese be frozen because it alters its texture, but there's a way to fix it.

    There is no information available on freezing mascarpone, but I would try if it's your only alternative. Here are some tips to follow: Freeze pieces of a half-pound or less. (I would freeze yours in its package). Use moisture-proof and airtight wrapping. Freeze quickly and store at 0 °F for two to six months. Thaw in refrigerator so cheese won’t lose moisture; the slower the cheese is thawed, the better. Use as soon as possible after thawing..

    I would thaw and then stir the mascarpone well to reconstitute because it may separate. If the texture is really strange, you'll have to strain it.

    1. Line a wire strainer with paper towels or a cheesecloth, and place it over a deep, medium-sized bowl. Be sure the bottom of the strainer clears the bottom of the bowl by 2 or 3 inches.

    2. Spoon the thawed cheese into the strainer and place a paper towel or more cheesecloth on top.

    3. Place a saucer or small plate in the strainer to lightly weight the cheese. If you are not in a hurry, do not weigh it with the saucer, and refrigerate the whole setup overnight to slowly drain the excess water.

    4. Let stand in the refrigerator until water has drained and the texture looks normal when you stir it, about one and a half hours.
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