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Spice Cake Mix Recipes

Last post Oct 23, 2009 6:52 PM by dutchmom4MI . 25 replies.

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  • Spice Cake Mix Recipes
    I haven't seen this one yet.

    Easy Pumpkin Cookies (using cake mix) (WW points=1)

    1 box (2 layer size) spice cake mix
    1 can pure pumpkin (15 oz.)

    Mix together and drop by spoonfuls onto cookie sheet sprayed with cooking spray. Bake at 350 for around 10 minutes or until firm. Allow to cool.

    Makes 48 cookies. These are so soft and good.
    Notes: 1 point each

    Variation: you can use a white cake mix and add 2 teaspoons of pumpkin pie spice.
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    Here is another recipe with spice cake mix.
    1 (18 1/4 oz.) pkg. spice cake mix
    2 med. all-purpose apples, pared, cored and finely chopped
    1 (14 oz.) can Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk (NOT evaporated milk)
    1 (8 oz.) container Borden sour cream, at room temp.
    1/4 c. ReaLemon lemon juice from concentrate
    Ground cinnamon

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Prepare cake mix as package directs; stir in
    apples. Pour into well greased and floured 13x9 inch baking pan. Bake 30
    minutes or until wooden pick inserted near center comes out clean.
    Meanwhile, in medium bowl, combine sweetened condensed milk, sour cream and
    ReaLemon brand. Remove cake from oven; spread cream mixture over top. Return
    to oven; bake 10 minutes longer or until set. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Cool.
    Garnish as desired. Refrigerate leftovers.
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    Thank you for the cookie recipe. I will have to give it a try.

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  • RE: Spice Cake Mix Recipes
    Caramel Nut Spice Cake

    1 package spice cake mix
    1 package(3.5 ounces)butterscotch instant
    pudding mix
    4 eggs
    1 1/4 cups water
    1/2 cup oil
    24 caramels(about 1/2 a package)
    3 tablespoons water
    1/4 cup walnuts or pecans

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine cake mix, pudding mix, eggs, 1 1/4 cups water, and oil in a large bowl; beat until well blended. Pour into a greased 10 inch fluted tube pan. Bake 43 to 47 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Allow cake to cool in pan on a wire rack 20 minutes. Invert cake onto a serving plate.
    Melt caramels with 3 tablespoons of water. Stir in nuts. Drizzle caramel over warm cake.
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    Pumpkin Spice Bars

    1 package spice cake mix
    1 egg
    2 tablespoons butter, melted
    1 package(8 ounces)cream cheese
    1 can(14 ounce) sweetened condensed milk
    1 can(16 ounce) pumpkin
    2 eggs
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1 cup chopped pecans

    Preheat oven to 350. In a large bowl combine cake mix, egg, and melted butter; stir until well mixed. Press into bottom of a 10 1/2x15 1/2 inch jellyroll pan. In another large bowl, beat cream cheese until fluffy. Add sweetened condensed milk, pumkin, 2 eggs, and salt; beat until mixture is smooth. Pour over crust. Sprinkle pecans over filling. Bake 30 to 35 minutes or until filling is set. Cool in pan and cut into bars.
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    Posted by: Mom3boys__Missouri Posted on: 11/6/2002 6:58:04 PM
    Made this last nite & the boys devoured it right out of the pans! Very versatile-you could use 2 cups shredded carrots, or zucchini or mashed bananas-mine were over-ripe!
    It is lighter than banana bread-yummy!

    Quick & Easy Banana Cake/Bread

    1 (18.5oz.) pkg spice mix (Duncan Hines)
    1/3 cup brown sugar
    1/2 cup water
    1/3 cup veg. oil
    3 eggs
    2-3 mashed bananas (or carrots)
    1/2 cup nuts-optional
    Preheat oven 350. Combine all &
    beat 2 minutes. Pour into PAM sprayed pans-2 8x4 loaf pans or a Bundt pan. Bake loaves for 45 mins. and Bundt for 50-55 mins-test with toothpick. Cool in pans 10 mins. then turn out to cool & eat!
    If you can't find Spice cake mix, use yellow or French Vanilla, and add cinnamon & nutmeg to taste.
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    I came up with this today. Doesn't have a name but sure did turn out good.
    1 spice cake mix
    1 egg
    1/4 cup oil
    1/4 can of vanilla frosting (was a left over)
    1 sm can pumpkin

    Mixed all together using a hand mixer.
    Baked it in a Bundt pan that was sprayed with Bakers Joy
    Baked for 1 hour at 350º
    Drizzled vanilla frosting on top of cake.

    DH has already had 2 pieces and declared it a keeper. Very moist


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    Posted by: lindak_la Replies: 14 Posted on: 5/22/2003 11:32:37 AM
    1 box Duncan Hines Spice Cake Mix
    1 21 oz can apple pie filling
    1/2 cup water
    2 eggs
    2 tsp rum extract
    2/3 cup oil (I use canola)
    2/3 cup chopped pecans
    By hand mix cake mix, apple pie filling, & water well.
    Stir in rest of ingredients till well mixed.
    Pour into a prepared 9x13 dish or pan
    Bake at 350* 40 - 50 mins
    I based this on my cherry vanilla cake. I just changed the cake mix & pie filling & extract flavor. I added the water as the apple filling doesn't have as much liquid in it as the cherry. It was so good. DH loved it. This is my new project creating different cakes with pie filling in them. Hope you enjoy it.
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    Posted by: Lorsky Replies: 2 Posted on: 2/24/2004 7:07:32 PM
    This is from the Duncan Hines Website. I haven't tried it, but it sounds good. Sorry if it's already been posted.


    Praline Cheesecak

    1 pkg Duncan Hines® Moist Deluxe® Spice Cake Mix
    1/2 cup vegetable oil
    1/3 cup chopped pecans
    3 (8 oz) pkgs cream cheese, softened
    1 1/4 cups brown sugar, firmly packed
    2 tbsp all-purpose flour
    3 large eggs, lightly beaten
    1 1/2 tbsp vanilla extract
    1/2 cup chopped pecans
    2 tbsp Maple Syrup, for glaze
    pecan halves, for garnish

    Preheat oven to 350°F. Grease 9-inch springform pan.
    For crust, combine cake mix, oil and 1/3 cup pecans in large bowl. Mix well. Press into bottom of pan.
    Bake at 350 ºF for 20 to 30 minutes. Remove from oven. Increase oven temperature to 450 ºF.
    For filling, place cream cheese in large bowl. Beat at low speed with electric mixer adding brown sugar and flour gradually. Add eggs and vanilla extract, mixing only until incorporated. Fold in 1/2 cup pecans. Pour filling onto crust.
    Bake at 450°F for 5 to 7 minutes. Reduce oven temperature to 250°F. Bake for 35 to 40 minutes longer, or until set. Loosen cake from sides of pan with knife or spatula. Cool completely on cooling rack. Refrigerate 2 hours or until ready to serve. Remove sides of pan.
    To serve, brush top with maple syrup. Garnish with pecan halves.
    Makes 12 to 16 servings.

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    On the East Pumpkin Cookies . . . do you add the eggs, oil, or whatever else the box mix might call for? Or not?
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    1 Can Apple Pie Filling
    1 Spice Cake Mix

    Put pie filling in bottom of 9x9 baking pan, make up cake mix and pour on top of apples. Bake according to the package directions.

    I got this recipe from this BB, but I am sorry to say that I don't remember who had sent it in.
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    This is in my to try section(so many recipes, so little time!)

    Root Beer Torte
    From Arielle's Recipe Archives
    Time: 20 minutes Serves: 12
    1 pkg spice cake mix
    3/4 cup root beer
    4 eggs
    1/3 cup cooking oil
    1 small vanilla instant pudding
    1 pkg Dream Whip (2 envelopes)
    1 cup root beer, ice-cold
    1 tsp vanilla
    Preheat oven to 350° F. Grease and flour two 9" round pans. Mix cake mix, 3/4 cup root beer, eggs, oil and pudding in a large bowl. Bake as directed on package. Chill cake for ease in splitting layers. Split each layer into 2 thin layers.
    Combine Dream Whip, ice cold root beer and vanilla in a chilled bowl. Beat as directed on package. Chill cake for ease in splitting layers. Split each layer into 2 thin layers.
    Combine Dream Whip, ice cold root beer and vanilla in a chilled bowl. Beat as directed on package. Spread 1 cup of filling between layers of cake with remaining on top. Serve immediately or store in refrigerator until ready to serve.
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    Light Apple Cobbler

    5 large Granny Smith apples
    1 package spice cake mix
    granulated sugar
    1 16 oz. jar unsweetened applesauce

    Peel apples and slice 1/4 inch thick. Arrange in 9x9 inch baking pan. Sprinkle generously with cinnamon and a small amount of sugar. Sprinkle spice cake mix over apples to cover Spoon the applesauce evenly over the top of the mixture. Bake for 30 minutes in a 350 degree oven. Serve with frozen vanilla yogurt or light whipped topping.

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