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purple punch

Last post May 24, 2010 7:15 PM by BusterB6 . 3 replies.

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  • purple punch
    I am looking for a recipe for purple punch,that doesn't take ice cream.I need it for my son's graduation.If no purple punch recipe then a real good other punch recipe.
  • RE: purple punch
    Purple Punch
    Posted by: JaneH

    1 pkg. grape Kool Aide
    1 pkg. lemon Kool Aide
    6 oz. frozen lemonade
    6 oz. frozen grape juice
    2 cup sugar
    2 quart water
    1 quart ginger ale

    We used this for my nephews wedding. It is a rich purple color.

    Posted by: LuvMaerz
    Here is a WONDERFUL recipe for really good punch. My sister-in-law makes it for special occasions. She made it for my wedding this past June, and it was great! It turns out a pinkish purple color, but you could add some food coloring if you want it darker.

    Party Punch

    4 cups cranberry juice
    3/4 cup sugar**
    4 cups pineapple juice
    1 Tablespoon almond extract
    2 quarts Sprite or 7up

    Mix first 4 ingredients until dissolved. Add Sprite or 7up.
    If making in advance, you can mix the first 4 ingredients and freeze them in icecream buckets until closer to time of the wedding. Then you just thaw them out and add the Sprite. Voila :)

    ** My sister-in-law says that she often leaves out the sugar because it is usually sweet enough without it. It just depends on individual taste.
  • RE: purple punch
    Posted by: GoBigRedNE
    Here's a recipe that my cousin and his wife used at their wedding! I don't usually like punch but, this stuff is SO good! They used grape Jello to make it purple!

    Wedding Punch

    3 big pkg. Jello (use any flavor, to achieve the color of punch you want)
    9 c. boiling water
    4 c. sugar
    1-16 oz. frozen lemonade
    2-46 oz. Cans of Pineapple juice(unsweetened)
    2 qt. 7-up or Squirt

    Mix jello, sugar and boiling water together. Cook till sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat and add 4 c. cold water. When cooled, add frozen lemonade and pineapple juice. Freeze. Take out of the freezer 4 hours before serving and add 7-up or Squirt.

    Posted by: Treble_Clef
    There are so many recipes using the white grape juice. Maybe you could simply substitute the purple grape juice for the white in any of the recipes.

    Posted by: hollyga

    1 (6 oz.) can frozen lemonade concentrate, diluted to 3 c.
    1 bottle (1 pt., 8 oz.) Welch's unsweetened grape juice
    1 pkg. grape gelatin
    2 c. hot water
    1 qt. ginger ale

    Mix fruit juices. Chill. Dissolve gelatin in hot water. Add a few ice cubes to cool quickly. Add fruit juices and mix. Just before serving, add ginger ale and ice cubes.

    Posted by: foodguy
    This is really good:

    Purple Punch

    1-12 oz. container frozen grape juice concentrate
    1-12 oz. container frozen lemonaide concentrate
    1-12 oz. frozen orange juice concentrate
    2 qts. ice water

    Mix the above together and add 2 liter bottle gingerale or lemon/lime soda.
  • Re: purple punch

    Did you find a good one? I am looking too but we do not want a strong GRAPE flavor.