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Amish Home Remedies and Recipes - Cure alls

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  • Amish Home Remedies and Recipes - Cure alls
    Home Remedies from Amish community in SE Minnesota.

    (Some of these sound a little scary to me, but who knows some may be a benefit).

    Dice 1/2 cup onion into a pint jar. Add 1 tsp. brown sugar. Let stand 1 hour or so. Give 2 or 3 tsp. of this to children every hour.

    Fry onions in fat, strain and use grease for chest rub.

    Heat until hot: 2 tsp. lard, 2 T. kerosene, 2 T turpentine. Mix and rub on back and chest while real warm. Soak a small cloth in solution and put on chest and cover with a warm flannel cloth.

    COUGH: For an irratating cough put a tsp. of glycerine in a glass of milk (cold) and take a few sips, every 10-15 min. until relieved.

    BUMBLEBEE Stings:
    Mix equal parts of soda and vinegar and put on bee stings.

    INSECT bites:
    Apply a slice of raw onion to the area.

    Moisten a bar of soap and rub on bite. It will stop itching and acts as disinfectant to prevent infection.

    Drink boneset tea, hot, twice a day. Drink lots of fluids. Recipe: 3 cups hot water, 1/2 lemon juice, and honey to sweeten.

    take a cup of raw oatmeal and three cups of water. Let soak several minutes. Pour off the water and give to child. If it ttakes a bottle give it instead of milk. This water is also good for exzema or diaper rash.

    Recipe: 2 tsp. apple cider vinegar in 1/2 glass of water, two or three times a day. This is also good for heart burn, hay fever, kidney trouble and losts of other ailments.

    Puncture a vitamin E capsule and put the pure oil directly on the burn, or any sore. This heals quickly and prevents scars from forming.

    Melt lard and stir into it the insides of cattails (the fuzzy) part to make a thick paste. put on burns.
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    The kerosene and turpentine I wouldn't do - that's the only one that sounds scary to me. The others I have heard of and don't see any harm.

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    That would be from the Lanesboro and Harmony Minnesota area. I have biked on the bike trails many times...perfect for younger children as most of the trail is tarred and flat. Winds through the country and over wooden bridges...if you ever have a chance...go there!


    Here is a website
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    Fascinating reading. Just don't put anything on a burn (unless it's just a superficial one), because it could do more damage to the skin. My Mother used to have us put butter on it, which is now known to be a big no-no (sorry, Mom) ;o)
    Best tho to get to a doc and have it treated by a professional if it's second or third degree (blistering on up to white or charred skin)--and especially if it's electrical as the damage from that can look like nothing on the outside and have invasive damage on the inside.
    Just an FYI that my old nursing instincts had to butt in and say.....sorry, it's so ingrained into us, you know??
    Ahem........................ :oO
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    Hi....kitchenmagic check back on the post about chicken gizzards, as I posted a recipe for you.