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In need of a great Weight Watcher Dessert

Last post Sep 03, 2004 7:52 AM by kathyofjak . 23 replies.

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  • In need of a great Weight Watcher Dessert
    Hi I am doing a Weight Watchers dinner with friends. My part is to bring the dessert. I am bringing a trifle weight watchers style, but I wanted something else. Maybe with chocolate. Anyone have anything?
  • RE: In need of a great Weight Watcher Dessert
    Just got this from the WW site~it sounds good!

    Chocolate chip peanut butter pie

    1/2 cup reduced-fat peanut butter
    4 oz light cream cheese
    4 oz fat-free cream cheese
    12 oz fat-free sweetened condensed milk
    2 Tbsp lemon juice, canned or bottled
    1 cup lite whipped topping, thawed if frozen
    5 Tbsp mini chocolate chips
    6 oz Ready Crust 25% Less-Fat Graham Cracker Ready pie crust

    In a large bowl, using an electric mixer, beat together peanut butter and both types of cream cheese until smooth. Gradually beat in milk and lemon juice; fold in whipped topping and 4 tablespoons of mini chocolate chips.

    Spoon peanut butter mixture into prepared pie crust; sprinkle remaining 1 tablespoon of chocolate chips over top. Cover with clear plastic wrap and chill in refrigerator for at least 4 hours. (Note: If you prefer a firmer texture let it chill overnight.) Slice into 10 pieces and serve.

    Points per serving: 6
  • RE: In need of a great Weight Watcher Dessert
    I don't know anything about WW, but how about Strawberries dipped in chocolate or just drizzled w/ chocolate? I'm on a strawberry kick lately! Yum, yum:)
  • RE: In need of a great Weight Watcher Dessert
    Chocolate Applesauce Cake
    8 servings
    4 pts per serving

    1 1/3 C flour
    1/2 C unsweetened cocoa
    1 tsp baking soda
    3/4 C sugar
    1/4 C fat free egg substitute
    3 Tbs reduced calorie margarine - melted
    1 1/3 C unsweetened applesauce
    1/2 C lite whipped topping

    Preheat oven to 350 - spray an 8x8 pan with Pam

    sift together flour, cocoa, baking soda and sugar.

    Beat together egg sub,margarine and applesauce - blend into dry ingredients

    spoon mixture into pan and smooth top. Bake until the cake feels slightly firm in center, about 25 mins.

    Cool completely before cutting into 8 pieces - top each piece with 1 Tbls of whipped topping.

    **Note: I have not made this yet - let me know what you think ~Kat
  • RE: In need of a great Weight Watcher Dessert
    chocolate cherry cupcake bites

    POINTS® | 1
    Servings | 48
    Preparation Time | 15 min
    Cooking Time | 17 min
    Level of Difficulty | Easy

    desserts | Win rave reviews from kids and adults alike with these miniature cupcakes. Although we used canned cherries, when they're in season you can use 1 cup fresh, chopped, pitted Bing cherries instead.


    1 package devil's food cake mix, unprepared, or similar chocolate cake mix (1 lb 2.25 oz)
    2 tbsp apple butter
    2 tbsp water
    1 tsp almond extract
    16 oz canned sweet cherries, packed in light syrup, drained (dark, pitted cherries)
    1/3 cup apple butter
    1 tsp almond extract
    1/2 cup fat-free egg substitute


    Preheat oven to 350°F. Coat two 24-hole mini muffin pans with cooking spray. In a medium bowl, make the frosting: Mix together 1 cup of cake mix, 2 tablespoons of apple butter, water and 1 teaspoon of almond extract until smooth; set aside.

    Place drained cherries on a paper towel. Pat cherries dry, place on cutting board and coarsely chop; set aside.

    In a mixer on slow speed, combine remaining cake mix, remaining apple butter, remaining almond extract and egg substitute for 30 seconds. Increase speed to medium and mix until smooth, about 2 minutes more; stir in cherries.

    Fill muffin pans 3/4 full with cherry mixture. Bake until toothpick inserted in middle comes out clean, about 15 to 17 minutes. Allow to cool in pans for 5 minutes; remove to wire rack to cool completely. Frost each cupcake with 1 teaspoon reserved frosting. Yields 1 cupcake per serving.

  • RE: In need of a great Weight Watcher Dessert
    double chocolate chip brownies

    POINTS® value | 3
    Servings | 16
    Preparation Time | 20 min
    Cooking Time | 30 min
    Level of Difficulty | Moderate

    desserts | Brownies are always a crowd pleaser. Our moist, fudgy version will be a sure-fire hit.

    1 serving cooking spray
    1 1/4 cup all-purpose flour
    3/4 tsp unsweetened cocoa
    1 tsp baking powder
    1 tsp baking soda
    1/2 tsp table salt
    2 tsp decaffeinated instant coffee
    2 tsp hot water
    1/4 cup butter, at room temperature
    3/4 cup sugar
    2 large egg(s)
    3/4 cup Manischewitz Unsweetened Apple Sauce, or other brands
    1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips


    Preheat oven to 325ºF. Coat an 8 X 8-inch pan with cooking spray or use a non-stick pan.

    Combine flour, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda and salt in a medium bowl; set aside.

    Place coffee and hot water in a cup and stir until dissolved.

    Place room temperature butter into bowl of a mixer fitted with a paddle attachment and mix until smooth, or beat with an electric mixer. Add sugar in a slow steam and mix on high speed until fluffy, about 3 minutes. Slowly beat in each egg one at a time until incorporated and then mix in applesauce; Scrape down sides of bowl.

    Slowly beat flour mixture into butter mixture until incorporated. Mix in coffee mixture. Scrape down the sides of bowl again and stir in chocolate chips.

    Scrape batter into prepared pan, spread evenly throughout and smooth top. Bake until center springs back when pressed lightly, about 25 to 30 minutes. Cool completely, cut into 16 pieces and serve. Or, freeze whole in an air-tight container for up to two weeks before cutting and serving.

    This recipe is part of our Cook Once, Eat All Week: Holiday Desserts Series. To learn more about this concept, click here.
  • RE: In need of a great Weight Watcher Dessert

    30 Sunshine Krispy Crackers (5=1pt.)
    1 pkg. Fat Free/Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding
    1 tub (8 oz.) Cool Whip Lite
    2 C. lowfat milk

    Line a baking dish with 15 saltines. Mix chocolate
    pudding & milk as directed on package, then fold in
    1/2 tub of the Cool Whip. (Tastes like Chocolate
    Mousse). Spread 1/2 of the chocolate pudding mixture
    over saltines. Add a second layer of 15 saltine
    crackers. Spread second layer of chocolate mixture
    over crackers. Top with remaining Cool Whip. Cover
    with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 6
    hours. Sprinkle with crushed oreo's, chocolate
    jimmies, OR shaved chocolate if desired. Cut into 8
    serving squares.
    *This is more than good--the crackers taste sort of
    like phyllo crust.
    *This recipe gets better the longer it refrigerates.
    *Can be make a day or so in advance.

  • RE: In need of a great Weight Watcher Dessert
    Here is another comes out like an eclair.

    Magic Dessert with saltines

    servings | 10
    estimated POINTS per serving | 3
    course | Desserts

    1 small box fat-free sugar-free chocolate instant, pudding made with 1 1/2 cups 1% or skim milkmilk.
    1 small box fat-free, sugar-free vanilla instant pudding made with 1 1/2 cups 1% or skim milk
    2 sleeves fat-free saltines ( I used only 1 1/2 sleeves)
    1 container, 8 oz., fat-free cool whip
    Mix puddings with milk. Divide and stir in cool whip. Layer rectangle shaped pan with crackers.
    Add layer of pudding, another layer of crackers and another of pudding. Top with layer of crackers. Refrigerate 6 hours or more.

    Optional: Drizzle with chocolate syrup or sliced strawberries if you wish. You can also put Cool Whip on top.

    Entire recipe is 32 points.

    Special Notes
    Here's the magic part- after the dessert sits, the crackers taste exactly like a thin layer of either phylo or pie crust. You must let it sit for a few hours or the crackers will not soften.

  • RE: In need of a great Weight Watcher Dessert
    chocolate mousse phyllo cups
    Prep Time | 15 min
    Cook Time | 25 min
    Level of Difficulty | Moderate

    desserts | Although phyllo dough can be demanding to work with — you need to keep it moist with lots of cooking spray — the flaky pastry that results is well-worth the effort.

    6 piece(s) phyllo dough, thawed if frozen
    1 serving(s) cooking spray, or enough to coat dough
    1/2 cup(s) unsweetened cocoa
    1 tsp vanilla extract
    1/2 cup(s) lite chocolate syrup
    2 cup(s) lite whipped topping
    1 cup(s) blueberries
    1 cup(s) strawberries, chopped
    1 cup(s) blackberries


    Heat oven to 350°F.

    Lightly coat one sheet of phyllo with cooking spray. Lay second sheet of phyllo on first, coat with spray. Lay third sheet on second, coat with spray. Cut into 12 squares.

    Fit squares into each of 12 muffin tins. Repeat with 3 more sheets of phyllo, fitting squares over existing squares in muffin tin so cups are formed.

    Bake until golden, 25 minutes. Cool on rack.

    While cups are baking, combine cocoa, extract and syrup until smooth. Fold in whipped topping. Divide among phyllo cups. Combine berries and top each cup with 1/4 cup berries.


    Serves | 12
    POINTS per serving | 2
  • RE: In need of a great Weight Watcher Dessert
    chocolate marshmallow fudge
    Prep Time | 10 min
    Cook Time | 5 min
    Level of Difficulty | Easy

    desserts | This chocolate treat is quick and easy to make. And the best part is that it doesn't require fancy candy-making equipment!

    1 2/3 cup(s) sugar
    2/3 cup(s) fat-free evaporated milk
    2 tbsp reduced-calorie margarine
    12 oz semi-sweet chocolate, chopped (about 1 1/2 cups)
    14 large marshmallow(s)


    Coat an 8- x 8-inch pan with cooking spray.

    Stir together sugar, evaporated milk and margarine. Bring to a boil in a sauce pan, reduce heat to medium-low and cook 3 minutes, stirring constantly.

    Stir in chocolate and marshmallows. Remove from heat and stir until smooth.

    Pour into pan and refrigerate until firm, about 2 hours. Cut into 36 squares and serve.


    Serves | 36
    POINTS per serving | 2

  • RE: In need of a great Weight Watcher Dessert
    Chocolate-Filled Mini Vanilla Cupcakes

    POINTS® | 1
    Servings | 48
    Preparation Time | 15 min
    Cooking Time | 18 min
    Level of Difficulty | Moderate

    desserts | These mini cupcakes are the perfect portion-controlled sweet treat.


    18 1/4 oz unprepared white cake mix
    1 cup water
    1/3 cup unsweetened applesauce
    3 large egg(s)
    1 cup pudding, chocolate, prepared with skim milk
    1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
    1/2 cup fat-free cream cheese


    Preheat oven to 350°F. Line 48 mini muffin cups with paper liners.

    To make cupcakes, beat together cake mix, water, applesauce and eggs at low speed for 30 seconds; beat on medium speed for 2 minutes more. Spoon batter into lined cupcake cups.

    Bake cupcakes for 5 minutes. Drop a teaspoon of pudding into the center of each cupcake. Bake for 13 minutes more and cool for at least 30 minutes.

    To make icing, create a double boiler: Boil water in a small saucepan and then reduce heat to simmer. Put chocolate chips in a small metal bowl and set bowl over simmering water; stir until chocolate melts. Remove from heat and stir in cream cheese; blend until smooth.

    Top each cooled cupcake with 1 teaspoon of icing. Yields 1 cupcake per serving.
  • RE: In need of a great Weight Watcher Dessert
    Caramel Apple Salad

    1 small pkg. sugar free butterscotch instant pudding
    8-oz crushed pineapple and juice (not sweetened)
    3 cups chopped apples
    8-oz fat free cool whip
    1 cup mini marshmallows

    Combine pudding and pineapple. Add apples and mix. Fold in cool whip and marshmallows.
    1 cup = 3.5 points
  • RE: In need of a great Weight Watcher Dessert
    fruit 'kebabs' with chocolate dipping sauce
    Serves | 4
    Points per serving | 3
    Total Points | 12
    Preparation time | 15 minutes + cooling
    Calories per serving | 140
    Suitable for freezing | no

    Watch a small bar of chocolate stretch to feed four!

    50g (1¾ oz) dark plain chocolate (with at least 50% cocoa solids)
    1 tablespoon clear honey
    grated zest and juice of 1 small orange (optional)
    2 medium bananas, cut into bite-size chunks
    250g (9 oz) fresh strawberries
    4 wooden satay sticks


    Break the chocolate into squares and put them either in a small saucepan (if using the stove) or a microwave-proof bowl. Add 5 tablespoons of water, the honey and orange zest
    Melt the chocolate either over a very low heat in the pan, stirring frequently, or put the uncovered bowl on full power in a microwave for a minute. Stir and heat again. Heat the chocolate until it has all melted and is smooth. Do not let the mixture bubble or it will 'seize'.
    Cool, stirring often to stop a skin forming, until thickened. When cooled to room temperature, pour into a small and pretty serving bowl.
    Toss the bananas in the orange juice, if using. Spear the strawberries and banana chunks on to the satay sticks.
    Arrange the fruit kebabs around the dipping sauce and serve. Cookbook
    To find out more about the Weight Watchers range of cookbooks

  • RE: In need of a great Weight Watcher Dessert
    Weight Watcher Dump Cake aka Cobbler

    I found the Dump Cake recipe in back posts:

    any cake mix - about 18 ounces (no pudding in it) (I have used pudding in the mix ones)
    2 cups diet sprite or diet 7up (any flavor of diet soda will work, I've even used strawberry)
    24 oz bag of frozen fruit (berries work best)

    lay berries in pan
    sprinkle cake mix over top of berries. You can break up clumps but do not stir. Pour diet soda over top and completely cover the cake mix. bake 20 minutes covered with foil. remove foil and bake 30-40 minutes longer (I baked it the longer time).

    Points depend on serving size and ingredients used. It is very good though! I made it with White cake 12oz strawberries and 12oz of mixed berries for 4pts a serving.

    It tastes like a cobbler.

  • RE: In need of a great Weight Watcher Dessert
    Low Fat Chocolate Éclair Cake
    Lighten Up - The Art of Low Fat Gourmet Cooking, By Mary E. Ross

    Low Fat Graham Crackers approximately 18 - 20 1/2 of a 16-ounce package
    1 large chocolate fudge instant pudding mix
    1 large vanilla instant pudding mix
    2 cups non fat skim milk
    2 8-ounce containers Cool Whip Free or other fat free whip topping

    1. Place a layer of whole graham cracker on the bottom of a 9 x 13-inch baking dish. Pour 1 cup milk into mixing bowl; add 1 container whipped topping followed by chocolate pudding mix. Using wire whisk or blender on low speed, blend all ingredients together until well combined, approximately 2 minutes. Pour spread chocolate pudding mixture evenly over first layer of graham crackers

    2. Top chocolate pudding layer with a second layer of whole graham crackers. Pour 1 cup milk into a clean mixing bowl; add the second container of whipped topping followed by the vanilla pudding mix. Following same procedure as above prepare vanilla pudding and pour evenly over second layer of graham crackers. Place third layer of graham crackers over vanilla pudding layer and set aside while preparing chocolate frosting.

    Chocolate Frosting

    1/3 cup coca
    1 1/3 cups powdered sugar
    1/4 cup fat free sour cream
    1/4 cup skim milk
    1/2 teaspoon vanilla

    3. Put powdered sugar and cocoa in a mixing bowl, on low speed or using a wire whisk, add sour cream, milk and vanilla and mix together until thoroughly combined. Pour/ spread chocolate frosting over third layer of graham crackers. Cover pan with plastic wrap and chill for 12 hours before cutting to serve

    Yield: 12 servings each at approximately 325 calories; 1.5 grams total fat; 0.3 gram saturated fat; 1 milligram cholesterol; 51 grams carbohydrate; 1.7 grams fiber; 4 grams protein; 275 milligrams sodium.