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Please Help Me Remove Red Tones From Colored Hair!!!

Last post Mar 18, 2008 8:36 PM by Jaxon . 3 replies.

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  • Please Help Me Remove Red Tones From Colored Hair!!!

    I have been highlighting my hair for a couple years now....always LOVE the results and never any problems.  I get all over highlights using foil.


    My normal hairdresser was out for surgery this time so I tried someone new who by the way was supposed to be a professional colorist at his previously place of employment.


    Anyway overall the color was fine.  He styled my hair differently than I do---which they always do.  I prefer to do my own.  I had no complaints there and I thought all was well.


    When I get home I hot roll and style my hair the way I do (I tuck the sides behind my ear) which he did not do.  He evidently didn't do the "weaving" technique for the sections that my stylist does (which always produces a very natural look).   In the temple area it was just done in 5 straight vertical lines on each side which when tucked back was VERY obvious.  Not natural looking at all.  When left down it looked fine only when pushed back was it so evident.     Also upon closer inspection, each of these lines had approximately 1/2 inch of  root showing.  Not even close to the scalp.   I checked out other areas and they were all done close to the scalp.  Just on the temple area was there this much root showing.  Not sure why???


    Anyway the more I looked the more it was bothering me.  I decided it looked like a zebra on the sides.  Light, dark, light, dark, light dark.   This was done Saturday afternoon so by the time I am getting stressed the shop had closed.  I had no way of contacting him.


    So I make a trip to Walmart and get me an array of products (I couldn't decide what I needed to do) and bring them home.  First I thought I would just touch up the roots and match them to the highlights which it was these root lines that was causing the striped effect when pushed back.


    Big mistake!!  The stripes were gone by it turned more yellow than blonde.   Now I was really sick.  So I then put a Light Ash Brown (which is close to my natural hair color) all over from root to end only to this area (temple & above the ear).   This looks MUCH better.  At least the stripes are gone & the yellow hair is gone. 


    Only thing is right above the ear, up close to the scalp it has a definite copper color to it.   The ends look o.k. just at the roots.  Of course when its down its not noticeable and even when I push it back it looks o.k.  Its just this area above each ear.  Of course I have no highlights now in this area.


    I know I'm lucky that my hair is not damaged from all this.  The condition is fine--not even dried out at all.  And I know that this is not recommended but I was getting pretty "stressed".  I guess the thing to do would have been to wait until Monday and go back to the salon.


    I hope someone can help me now to get rid of the "copperiness" at the roots.   Should I apply a little darker shade of brown or blonde to the roots?  Should I just go back and have the highlights put back in this area?


    I really just want to tone down this color and worry about highlights later.

    By the way my natural color is dark blonde/light brown in case that helps with suggestions for color.

    Please help!!!

  • Re: Please Help Me Remove Red Tones From Colored Hair!!!

    I've no idea, but wanted to give you a bump! Good Luck!


  • Re: Please Help Me Remove Red Tones From Colored Hair!!!
    You can purchase a color remover from a place like Sallys. be aware it will remove ALL color and your hair will then turn a pumpkin orange. Then you can re color. I colored my hair once with light brown. My hair turned black. I looked like Elvis !!!1 I tried doing a lighter color. No help. I then did the remover. I was horrified by the orange color. But then I re-colored and it did work. I too was lucky that i did not damage my hair. Since you already did what you did, I would say if its not too bad, just be patient. Then talk to your regular hair dresser. Good luck. Another thought- if its just at your temples you could leave a another hair color just on the roots for 20 minutes. That would cut the brassieness. Again good luck, Nadine
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    I really hope you haven't done anything else yet.  You are really lucky you don't have a disaster on your hands and should definitely quit while you are ahead.  That brassiness you are talking about is just a bi-product of home coloring.  After you wash your hair a few times it will go away.  Especially if it is a red tone.  Red tones fade quickly.  Your best bet is just to let a few shampoos soften everything up and your hair should look fine then.

    Of course, your regular colorist may kill you when she gets back.  They don't like anyone messing with their work!