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Stromboli Steak Sandwich

Last post Nov 20, 2015 2:26 PM by pasquale52 . 27 replies.

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    I noticed this is a pretty old post but still interesting IMO.~A








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    Can't wait to see your review!

    Alliea,  I like the ingredients you used, so original!  I just adapted one from Bebeblues and used pizza dough and  Jimmy Dean sausage and seasoned it with spices. love these and they are so easy to make!!


    Thanks Ladies, great post!





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    I grew up in Birmingham and lived in Woodlawn...used to go to the Pasquales in East Lake next to Kelly's Hamburgers and have often thought about the stomboli steak sandwiches I used to get there back in the 60s. Did you ever find out if Pasquales in still in operation or what the receipe is for this sandwich?


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    We have a subs and suds business that was sold but they had a stromboli sandwich. Now its called DaDa's and they still have it. It is a spiced Italian sausage with onion and mozerella cheese on it and you can order a horseradish sauce to put on it. It is served on a delicious Italian bun. It is my favorite sandwich!



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    Believe it or not, the gravy was almost all crisco, plus a large can of mushroom and a bottle of kitchen bouquet.  I could not believe it when I saw the lady who ran the Pasquale's in my area make the gravy.

    She dumped a large can of crisco and melted it, took a large can of mushroom and added that and a bottle of kitchen bouquet.

     I ate this constantly until I saw it made.  It was, however, delicious.   I think what helped it was when it was baked on the steak (hamburger type meat) with the chopped onions.  YUM!  No wonder I have high chlorestrol (sp?)

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    i have a recipe lthat my grandmother made for me, by the way i live in Guntersville Al and i remember  your me at    good stuff...


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    I used to work @ Pasquales Green Spring Hwy.  B'ham Ala. by K-MART. Get some Heinz home stylr rich mushroom gravy.The meat is about 80 ground chuck and 20 pork pressed into 2 patties 6" x4". Add a few day old onions, Hoagie bun brushed with garlic butter. Cook patties til done on a pizza pan, then put buns on clean pan, bottom of bun 1st, patty on that then gravy. I like a little mozzarella  butter top of bread on both sides and set beside the rest. Cook every as high as your stove will go. We used pizza ovens at 650. Hope that helps. Dawerks

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    Hello, have been wishing for pasquales Stromboli forever! How can we order?
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    I made a home variation of the Pasquale's stromboli steak tonight. I made it with: 

    1 loaf of Wal*Mart's Great Value frozen garlic bread

    2 Costco/Kirkland frozen sirloin patties

    1 jar of Heinz beef gravy

    1 small can of mushroom stems and pieces

    hamburger dill pickle chips

    dash of Worscestershire sauce

    Cook the sirloin patties until done, but not dry. I used a George Foreman grill. Once you cook the sirloin patties, set them aside. 

    Empty the beef gravy and drained mushrooms into a microwave safe container. Microwave in 1 minute or 45 second intervals until slightly bubbling. 

    The Wal*Mart garlic bread cooks best this way: using a cookie sheet or pizza pan, separate the loaf into a top and bottom with the crust sides facing down. Pre-heat the oven to around 425 degrees and then place the bread in. Bake until the crust sides are browned, then place the open faced garlic bread loaf under the broiler until it's brown to your liking. 

    Remove the bread and cut each side in half. Remove the bowl of mushroom gravy from the microwave. Add 1 or 2 teaspoons of Worscestershire sauce to the gravy and stir. Then, cut each sirloin patty in half and add them into the gravy until they're covered. Return to the microwave and heat around 1 minute. Then, place the halved sirloin patties on each garlic bread bottom, cover with sauce, add sliced pickles, add the garlic bread top, then enjoy. 

    Of course, you can add onions, but I hate the darn things. My aunt managed the Pasquale's Pizza in the Roebuck neighborhood of Birmingham, AL, so this sandwich was my favorite going back to childhood. I spent summers as a little kid bussing tables and such when I stayed with her and loved every minute of it. I made this sandwich tonight and enjoyed it with a cold Pepsi Throwback and felt 8 years old again. 

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    Yes, I make them all the time.  A friend used to own several Pasquales and she told me how.  It was my favorite as a teenager and now I can have anytime I want.  I use french bread and melt butter and add garlic powder to it.  The bread is doused in the garlic butter and I put it in the over.  The meat is ground beef or chuck, cooked fully (I usually add a little garlic to that also).  Take a pkg of brown gravy mix and make according to the pkg directions and pour on top of the meat (after putting it on the bread).  Add fresh chopped onions and chopped mushrooms .  I use fresh mushrooms and saute them first but you can use canned, chopped mushrooms. 
    The onions are not cooked.  Yummy!

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    I love Pasquale's stromboli sandwiches! Nothing else like them.   Big Smile

    I found out you can order your own Pasquale's Stromboli Kit and make strombolis at your house that taste just like the ones in the Pasquale's pizza restaurants.

    Here's the link to buy your own Pasquale's Stromboli Kit online:

    Not sure how long they're going to be selling these kits, but I'm ordering a few at a time just in case!

    Does anyone have ANY idea how to make a Stromboli Steak Sandwich? I use to (in the 70's) go to a restaurant in Montgomery, AL called Pasquales. They had the BEST Stromboli Steak Sandwich and I can not find a recipe that comes even close. It was a mushroom gravy sauce on a buttery garlic sub roll. Any ideas?

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    I worked at Pasquales in Americus, Georgia as a teenager and made many of them with input and advice from the owner Frank. After I grew up and moved away I tried to replicate the recipe and came up with one that is practically identical. The hardest part of the recipe was finding a similar mushroom steak sauce to Pasquales commercial sauce. This is key to the savory flavor and without it, it isn't the same;

    • Hamburger pattie chargrilled and seasoned with "steak salt" (salt and pepper mix).
    • French bread sliced as a sandwich.
    • Mushroom gravy such as Heinz in a jar but others are similar.
    • "Dawn Fresh" mushroom steak sauce (comes in small can, found on Amazon and at a few grocery stores).
    • Margarine, melted and seasoned with garlic salt.
    • Onion, fresh, diced.
    • Mozarella cheese.
    • Dill pickle
    Ladle ample mushroom gravy into a slight depression onto the lower slice of french bread. Top this with about a tablespoon of mushroom steak sauce. Sprinkle with diced onion and heap mozzarella cheese over.
    Place this prepared lower half on a pan in preheated 350F oven along with the upper half face down for about 10 mins. (the edges of bread should be slightly brown and the cheese well melted). Remove from oven and brush tops with the garlic salted butter. Assemble sandwich with pattie and dill pickle. 
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    Stromboli kits are now available on line at