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Can I freeze Parkay spray *butter*?

Last post Jul 24, 2008 3:13 AM by lovesnow . 3 replies.

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  • Can I freeze Parkay spray *butter*?

    Anyone know?

    Thank you!Smile

  • Re: Can I freeze Parkay spray *butter*?

    I use this all the time for veggies and for buttering the tops of fresh-baked rolls and bread, but I don't know if you can freeze it.  I'll give you a bump to see if maybe someone else knows...

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  • Re: Can I freeze Parkay spray *butter*?

    Got this from a website.  Though I have never tried it myself. Hope this helps.  I think I would try it if I had extra.


    Can I freeze I Can't Believe Its Butter Spray?

    Yepper, I've got about 9 of them in the freezer now 'cuz my dd sprays it on her pasta (instead of using my pasta sauce, go figure) and it does just fine when thawed. Since the spray is just a simple plastic pump mechanism, the freezing temps won't affect it.


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  • Re: Can I freeze Parkay spray *butter*?

     This is also great for corn on the cob but I'm finding it hard to find in my area so I want to stock up and freeze it.  I will try it,  thank you!