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Ideas For Truffle Oil.

Last post Nov 05, 2010 7:11 PM by az_jill . 5 replies.

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  • Ideas For Truffle Oil.

    Ideas For Truffle Oil.

    Scent a home-made mayonnaise with white truffle oil and drizzle over beef carpaccio and top with shaved Parmigiano Reggiano

    Brush some bruscetta with truffle oil and top with taleggio or chevre

    Add a splash to sauteed mushrooms and serve on toasted sourdough, or in tartlets with some creme fraiche as an hors d'ouevres

    Drizzle over soups just before serving - try mushroom or cream of


    Drizzle truffle vinaigrette over seared scallops, or a green salad.

    Make vinaigrette with 1 tblsp white wine vinegar, 1/8 tsp Dijon, 2 tblsp truffle oil, 1 tblsp EVOO
    & a pinch of sea salt & pepper

    Make a truffle butter with Lescure unsalted butter and add a dollop to mashed potatoes, or on top of a grilled eye fillet

    Mix some truffle oil into an Italian white bean mash
    & serve alongside veal or lamb

    Cook some Puy lentils and dress with truffle oil and diced tomato flesh - serve with grilled salmon

    Drizzle roasted leeks
    & parsnips with truffle oil before serving

    Grill some asparagus spears and anoint liberally with extra virgin olive oil and truffle oil, garnish with shaved pecorino cheese for a stylish yet simple entree

    Truffle oil is magic with potatoes - mashed or roasted. When baking scalloped potatoes, grease the baking dish liberally with truffle oil to infuse as it cooks

    Panfry or scramble eggs in truffle oil and serve on toast for a decadent breakfast or brunch

    Dress a salad of roasted baby beetroot, rocket
    & soft goat cheese with a truffle vinaigrette

    Drape thinly sliced prosciutto over baby salad leaves and drizzle with truffle oil or truffle honey

    Add truffle oil to your pasta dough


    Wattle Paradise

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     Thank you Wattle for the ideas.I have a little bottle of truffle oil in my refrigerator,maybe for 10 years and I never used it. I cook a lot of different dishes,also European food,but some of your suggestions are a little bit out of the normal,but I get the idea. What is rocket? I make beet salad ,but besides all the other ingredients has horseradish in it.

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    sauregurke,Another name for Rocket is Arugula,hope this helps,

    Wattle.Big Smile


    Wattle Paradise

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    Yes to all of the above~  and a drop on one's finger isn't half bad either!Wink Janie

    White is  better than the Black~   It's taste is much softer and it gently adds a wonderful  flavor to so many foods, usually adding at the very end of recipes~


    Black is stronger and is used on more bolder types of foods~ 


    It stores very well in a dark place, avoiding any sunlight~



    Thanks a bunch Wattle`~  I've been known to love the Truffle~ Stick out tongue


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    Enjoying  every Minute.

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    Thanks very much  Wattle and Ms "Truffle" for an informative post . I knew virtually nothing about Truffle Oil.


    Susan-Serving as a Taste Of Home Field Editor since 2009



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    Thank-you, some great ideas!