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PCH Kitchen "July" 2010 God Bless America

Last post Aug 03, 2010 4:52 PM by Deery . 77 replies.

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  • PCH Kitchen "July" 2010 God Bless America


    Good morning, so good to see you. We hope you'll find the warmth and the friendship here that we have been privileged to enjoy. We have a common bond. We are physically challenged homemakers.

    We share affection for one another through compassion, honesty, and most importantly, respect for one another and one another's situations.

    We gather here to share information on ways to make our lives easier, to offer support to each other and to share humor and laughter, sometimes tears and always good food.

    There is always room in the kitchen for all who would like to join in...So help yourself to a cup of coffee, cocoa, tea or fruit juice. There are always fresh fruit , muffins, coffee cake and cookies....pull up a chair at the old country table and visit awhile.....and remember to tell a friend.

    For our old friends that have not been by for awhile, we hope you will drop in and let us know how you are doing.


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    Hi Ladies, hope everyone has a wonderful ***4***th of July!! We will be with Chris and Melissa then, Chris had asked if we could come then, so we may be grilling out in the Carolina’s this year, we are so excited and today is busy busy day for me, but then again it has been for a while now. The toes don’t have much time to see the upside ladies, between mowing, doing a bit of picking produce from the garden and today I am going to make more hot salsa to take with us. Any volunteers to help work up the tomatoes, actually it won’t take long. How has everyone been? Deery so glad to see you are enjoying the outside when u can, be careful with those weeds. Nancy how exciting that you have found SOME relief with your back and the leg being the same length at the other, amazing!! How often do you go to see her now? Dee and David got back home from their vacation and she says hi to everyone, they hated to leave they, I believe they were well rested and loved where they went, and in awe of what Katrina had still left behind. Kerry went to Calif for a week and got sick while there, with a bad cough again, seems worse then before but he is doctoring and refused to let me make an appt. Last night a terrible cough hit him and I went into the bedroom and found him on the floor, he managed to get up, I asked if he wanted me to take him to the emergency room and he said no, he was so groggy. This morning the back of his head is sore, he must have hit the night stand. We are both in need of a real vacation, but him more so. Rushing and rushing around, last weekend I worked the Watermelon Festival here in town Friday and Sat, then Kerry worked it Sunday while I stayed home and baked more bread, 12 more loaves of lemon blueberry, only one came home with him. I made a total of 35 or 39 loaves, lost track, made banana, pumpkin/pecan and the lemon blueberry. Got word that Kerry will be going away again in the near future, something we deal with in this life. Well ladies I have chattered way to long and it is all about me it seems, hope everyone is doing well though and taking care. Ann, Liz, Lynn and those I have missed behave and stay well. By the way Chris’s levels went down after him staying on it, so he will be leaving for Antarctica as well.

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    Good Morning Girls,

    Connie, hope you and Kerry have a wonderful time on your trip.  You two have really been busy with all your baking for the festival.  Salsa sounds yummy and I bet everyone will really enjoy that as well.  Sorry to hear that Kerry will be off again when he gets home :(.  I know you deal with this often but doesn't make it any easier.  Travel safely my friend.

    Nancy, Glad that the therapist is making your back feel better, that is definetly a blessing for sure.  I was watching the news about Texas flooding and was hoping that you weren't in that area.  Hope all is going well with you and Bill, have a good day.

    Debbie, hope all is well with you and that you are feeling better.  How many puppies did you all end up having?  Hope you have a good day.

    Deery, hope things are going well with you.  Glad you got your tv working again, know that was not fun for you.  Glad you have been getting out and about around your place.  Has it been really hot there?  It was cool here and then all of the sudden summer hit and temps in the 90s.  Suppose to be a little cooler this week.  I have seen that book that you were talking about but have never read it myself.  You will have to let me know how you like it.

    Ruth, Liz, Lin, Dee, Lisa and all others, hope things are going well for you.


    Well has been busy here, last week we went to the Oregon Coast for a bike run and to get away with some friends.  Had a wonderful time, went to Florence and saw the Sea Lion caves which was pretty impressive and then gambled some at the casino.  Went to a wild animal park on the way home and got to pet and hold baby lion cubs, they were so cute.  Now back home and went to the doc yesterday, I have  a sinus infection so got some medicine for that and gonna take it easy today.  Hope you all have a great day!  Hugs, Ann

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    Hi Connie and Ann, sure good to see the new kitchen for July. And happy to see both of you.

    Connie, sure wish Kerry would see a Dr and get some meds so he could get a good night of sleep. Sure don't like him having to go away to work again with that cough. You two have a great 4th with family. Take care.

    Ann, so glad you and Jim had a get-away. But sorry to hear you have sinus infection again. Take care and enjoy that kitchen.

    Hi Nancy, so glad you are getting some rain to green things up. Hope it goes thru with no damage. You and Bill take care.

    We have a couple of days back in the 60 temps. Right now weather week shows warming to 80 temps next week. Hope it is right.

    Waving to rest of our Gals. Wishing all a nice 4th of July.

    Hugs, Deery


    As a deer longs for flowing streams, so my soul longs for you, O God. Psalm 42:1

  • Re: PCH Kitchen "July" 2010 God Bless America

    for the 4th

    Here's To You, America!

    Here's to you, America.
    You've stood the test of time
    Although there were obstacles
    And many hills to climb

    Here's to you, America,
    One nation under God!
    You stayed the course and boldly walked
    The path the pilgrims trod.

    Here's to you, America,
    Old Glory waving high,
    We pledge allegiance to you yet
    For the brave still "Do or die!"
    And the Lady in the Harbor
    Still stands at freedom's door
    And lifts her torch to light the way
    For the masses evermore.

    Here's to you, America,
    The battle rages on
    For we're one nation under God
    And no one stands alone.
    Our Father's faith abides in us
    And God still lights the way.
    Here's to you, America...
    God bless the U.S.A.!

      by Clay Harrison


    As a deer longs for flowing streams, so my soul longs for you, O God. Psalm 42:1

  • Re: PCH Kitchen "July" 2010 God Bless America

    Good day Connie, Ann, Deery and to all that may drop in today.

    Connie thanks so much for opening us up our brand new kitchen for July. So good to see you. So sorry that Kerry is not feeling up to par. Those darn coughs are not fun to deal with. Do hope that he will agree to seeing a doctor if he does not improve soon.........I do want to wish you a safe and fun trip. Know that the both of you can sure use some time just kicking back and relaxing with your family.............thanks hon for updateing us on Dee. So happy they had a great vacation.


    Ann so happy to hear that you and Jim was able to get away and enjoy yourselves. Know you was ready for some fun time after working so hard on your remodeling. What fun to have the chance to hold real baby lion cubs . What a treat!! Do hope that your sinus infection is better real soon.

    Deery your weather sounds wonderful. Would love to have a few days in the 60's. The rain here has cooled us off some. Think we are in the high 80's today so that is a treat for us.........thanks for posting the poem, did copy it. Love the patrotic messages.

    Not much going on here. Do have a load of clothes in the dryer and one in the washer. Think dinner will be some left over roast but not sure what I will come up go go with it.....really not in the cooking mood right now. LOL..........would really rather just go out and sit on the deck and enjoy the rain. Its one of those slow rains I use to just love to walk in. *grin*

    Dee, Lisa, Lin, Ruth, Liz, Debbie and to all of our other missing ladies. Do hope that you are all enjoying today and feeling real chipper.

    Wishing all a wonderful week, great new month, and a happy 4th of July.


    Blessed are those that can give without remembering and take without forgetting.

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    Here it is July already. Where is the year going? We have had such rotten weather all spring up to now that it really doesn't seem like summer at all. Our temps are below normal constantly, wind  or breezy most days, showers, overcase and then sun for an hour or two, that's all. Everyone is complaining but no one is doing anything about it!   lol

    My knee is better than it was three weeks ago but still painful. I saw the orthopedic dr. last Wed. He looked at the xray I brought with me from the time of the fall and he said ....your xray looks good.... no mention of a fracture like the dr. in Moses Lake had said. Told me to take off the cast and use my knee but to be careful going up and down hills. He also said it is bruised. If it still hurts in a month...now three more weeks...come back. By then it will be 6 weeks. So I am assuming it was not a fracture at all. My friend brought over a tube of a homopathic cream to use so I put that on three times a day. Hard to tell if it is doing any good but it sure can't hurt. Still, I am concerned that after this length of time it still hurts. Some things you just can't rush I guess

    We leave next Fri. for 10 days camping so if I still have pain I will not take my bike like I usually do. Duane and I always tool around the campgrounds, he on his scooter and me on my bike. He says this time I can have the scooter and he'll walk. Ha, he doesn't walk far at a time so I don't think that will work. No bike for him. He says he never could ride one which I think is odd. He walked on stilts and planks for decades drywalling so you would think his balance would be o.k.

    Connie....if I were you and I'm not....I would have Kerry see the dr. for a checkup before leaving as that coughing and falling is not at all normal. He doesn't want to get sick away from home. That's no fun. Good news about Chris. PTL Have a great holiday with your family.

    We will be going to the pig roast we always go to every year on the fourth and literally make pigs of ourselves which is another reason why they call it a pig roast I guess. Beings it is on a Sun. this year we will miss church leaving right after Sunday School. Duane does the oysters on the barbee and will need to be there several hours before serving time which is 2:00.

    Great poem Deery. Thanks. I will email it to friends. The old "God Bless the USA" thread gets few hits anymore when I bump it up. Used to be this site had a lot of patriotic people on it but not anymore. I think they for the most part most just want to argue politics.

    Hi to Lin, Dee, Debbie, Ruth. Hope you as well as everyone else are doing o.k. and all have a bang up 4th of JUly!!!!  It was announced earlier in the year on a Seattle radio station that the main sponser of the big fire works show is pulling out this year because of the expense leaving no one to take over. The talk show host took it upon himself to ask for sponsers and before the day was over had almost a half million dollars pledged. The show will go on!



  • Re: PCH Kitchen "July" 2010 God Bless America
    Let's try this again. If I don't get distracted by another post. Deery I also copied the poem. I'm getting quite a collection of them. I remember the Tree one you posted a while back. My DM used to have a small orange book of poems. I remember this one: "I never saw a purple cow, I never hope to see one. But I can tell you this anyhow. I'd rather see than be one!" My Dr is going to get an earfull tomorrow, although it really wasn't his fault. If I had called to schedule my Appt when I was supposed to I wouldn't have been so sick. Between vomiting, tingling all over, getting dizzy and feeling like I have just licked a shedding cat, I've about had enough. I've been living on popcicles and 7-up. I did manage to go to Walmart today. I was going to get the stuff to make Suziecreamcheese's Grape and Broccoli Salad. Couldn't find any red grapes except in the little cups of mixed fruit. They didn't have my frozen fruit that has them in it either. So I used the green grapes, and chopped Mango, Pineapple and peaches. And because it has a Slaw type dressing, I used lemon juice instead of vinegar because I like the flavor better. My ex LOVED my old Broccoli salad, but when I go see him and My DS later this month he is going to go crazy over this one! My DS said the Lemon-Cream Cheese Crawling cake I made for him was Awesome! I also have to make my DS a Sweet Potato Pie. Song Of The South was one of his favorite songs. Connie I hope you get to relax a little while on your trip. Ann I hope you guys have a great trip too. Liz my Knee was the same way. The ER DR said it was cracked, but my Dr had more xrays done a couple of weeks later and He said it was okay to wean myself off the brace. Has anyone heard from Miss Lisa? I hope she is just having computer problems. Well I've got to go for now. I've been up since 3AM. Hope you all have a safe and Happy 4th of July.
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    Good morning all. where did June go? 

    connie good to see you opened up the kitchen for us all this month have a safe trip and lods of fun.

    I am taking off around the 23rd for a week nedd to just get away and Debbie has a family reunion so drive her there and we have talked about going to Gracland but not sure about that as yet not sure we can afford to go there., I talked to Earl  my DB.and he says his son is getting matrried in Fla. on the 8th of October and they want me there for that so have to save up for that trip. I think Rose is going with me on that one to help drive if not i will have to take a plane and I do not want to do that but will have to see what happens by then.

    every thing going good here planning a BBQ with a special friend for this Sunday  he is doing steaks and I am doing a salad  after we go to church then spend the rest of the afternoon watching car races and talking and just be a lazy day, this is a very nice guy I am getting to know, his wife passed away 2 days after Kelley passed so we know just what each other are going through, neither one of us wants anything other then friendship at this time but open for what ever in the furture we are taking it one day at a time.I knew his wife but not him as well cause he was a cross country truck driver and not around here much  now he has retired and lives close by.

    not much going on here I did get the apple clobber made on Monday and it was all gone by Wed evening when the burger bar closed for the night, so yesterday and today no dessert there, I will make a cake on Monday for next week, love to do it and it does give me some extra spending money each month. pies do not seem to sell there  so I think I will stop making them and just do cakes clobbers and cheese cakes and brownies , the boss wants one thing per week so far but if things keep going by Wed evenings she may want something for Thursdays and Fridays.

    well better get myself dressed another friend wants me to go try out a new BBQ place that just open up about 25 miles from here and I told her I would go with her, it is some of her family and she wants to see if the food is anygood there,

    will do my best to get back later or in the morning,  oh someone asked about Lisa her DD is visting them right now and am sure she will will check in when her comptur lets her. it is still giving her some trouble, I know if some of us bakes cookies she will be here, LOL

    love to all



    Death leaves a heartache no one can heal Love leaves precious Memories no one can steal God Bless our Troops and emergency workers.
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    Hi Ruth, good to see you. Have fun at the bbqs. The place to eat and the one at home. *smile* Ruth, thanks for updating us on Lisa, glad her DD could visit. Is the the one that lives in England? Exciting time for all her family.

    Hi Debbie, what fun to remember a poem. Have the read the poems in Marys Tea Room? It is poems that I and others have gathered together. Look at the left of page and in short cut box click on Groups and look through list to find Marys Tea Room. Enjoy! Hope your Dr appointment went well.

    Hi Ann, I enjoyed the Dear Mad'm book. Just the kind of book I like. True story about living in the wilderness. I don't know if you enjoy that kind of book or not. When she first moved to her cabin she got there by riding with the mailman. There were two miners looking after her mine. When they came to her door she couldn't remember their names so she called him Dear Sir. And he called her Dear Mad'm. So that is how she got the name Dear Mad'm. The other young miner was tall so she looked up at him and said 'up and up'. So that became his name.

    Liz, have a great 4th. Don't pig out too much. *smile* Glad your knee is doing better so you can enjoy your camping. Climbing in and out of camper.

    Hi Nancy, stay cool when you can and keep those toes up.

    Connie, can you keep your toes up while you are traveling? Thanks for updating us on Dee. Sure glad they enjoyed their vacation.

    Dee, sorry I never replyed to emails yet. Maybe one of these days you might hear from me.

    Waving to rest of our Gals. Enjoy the holiday weekend everyone.

    Hugs, Deery



    As a deer longs for flowing streams, so my soul longs for you, O God. Psalm 42:1

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    Hi all. Just a shout to let you all know my good news. I've lost 30 lbs since I started. I'm 9 lbs to my first goal. Then 50 to the next goal, and after that I will decide how to continue. No big plans for the 4th. That salad I made was WOW!!!. Good for you too with the veggies and fruits. The dressing can be made with low fat mayo and splenda with a little lemon juice. I cut back on the bacon in the recipe. It really isn't needed. I thought it would be good with just a bit of Feta cheese. It went great with the chicken, and went good with my lunch sandwich too. well gotta go. Happy 4th of July. Deery I will check out those poems. Thanks. Ann I hope your sinus infection is doing better.
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    Debbie, great news on the weight loss, mine seems to be on hold right now but I am still trying so maybe it will start going off again soon I really would like to lose another 30 before I am where I want to be.  of course I know th edonut I had last night and the blackberry cobbler I am going to have on Sunday is not to good for a diet but oh so good tasting, lol

    Death leaves a heartache no one can heal Love leaves precious Memories no one can steal God Bless our Troops and emergency workers.
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     Happy 4th of July, everyone. I hope you are having a fun and safe holiday.  : )

  • Re: PCH Kitchen "July" 2010 God Bless America

    Congratulations Debbie and Ruth on your weight losses!

    Lisa, nice to see you here today.

    Weather not real nice for the holiday but of course starting tomorrow throughout the week it will be sunny and even hot which will be a first around here since who knows when! The pig roast we will be going to is mostly under cover so even if it showers we'll be fine.

    Happy fourth everybody!

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    Good Morning Girls,

    Happy 4th of July everyone!!!  Hope everyone has a nice and safe time today.

    Debbie and Ruth you go girls, congrats on your weight loss, that is terrific!  Hope you both enjoy and nice holiday.

    Liz, hope your pig roast goes well, sounds wonderful for sure.  Hope your weather gets better for you.  Glad you knee is healing some, sometimes those kind of injuries take a while to heal.

     Nancy, hope you and Bill enjoy a nice 4th, hope you are able to see some of your family.  Glad to hear that the therapist is helping you with the pain in your legs, will hope that it will continue to give you much needed relief.

    .Deery, are you doing anything today with your DD and her family?  Hope you have a nice enjoyable day. 

    Connie, hope you have arrived safely to your families, have a wonderful visit and a safe holiday.

    Lisa, hope you have a wonderful 4th as well, hope your visit is going wonderful with your DD.


    Not much going on here today, Jim had to work so just doing some things around here.  I have  a boiled dinner going on the stove right now and made some tuna for Jim for lunch for a few days.  Going to pick up around here and do some laundry.  The weather has been pretty hot here.  Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!