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What to serve with pizza...??

Last post Nov 27, 2010 6:17 AM by Appy_Girl . 8 replies.

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  • What to serve with pizza...??

    We're having our family get together 2 weeks before Christmas.  We've decided to order pizza.  I will be making the other dishes.  Any suggestions on what goes well with pizza would be appreciated.  There will be around 14 adults and 6 children.  Each family will bring some treats (cookies / candy).  Thanks for any help.

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    I was thinking a big tossed salad.But if you want to go forkless :) - how about a veggie tray and dip?



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    potato salad

    lettuce salad

    bread stix

    veggie tray

    fruit tray

    chex mix

    jello salads

    pasta salad


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    I vote for


    Loaded potato skins with sour cream

    Mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce

    Buffalo chicken wings with blue cheese dressing

    A platter of rolled tortilla sandwiches

    I think any or all of these would go great with pizza. They can load up their plate grab a napkin and will be ready to enjoy.  Pat

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     I would do some appetizers  but nothing too "doughy" since you will be having the pizza, maybe the buffalo chicken dip w/ crakers ,since wings compliment pizza so well...then a veggie tray  w/ ranch dip ( my kids & their friend like to dip their pizza in ranch dressing!),  or to dress up the veggies you could do veggie skewers instead.,,, I would also do  a brick of cream cheese w/ red pepper jelly for some spice and I might even do a crock pot of cranberry meatballs to round it out, then a nice  toss salad  with fruit in it, apples & pecan, or mandarin oranges ,  probably a jello salad because our crowd loves a good jello dish! then bring on the Pizza...!

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    I was going to suggest  a big tossed green salad but since it has already been suggested how about jalopeno poppers with homemade ranch dressing (I could eat those tilll the cows come home, really! LOL!!)

    I have never seen a recipe or them but I know you can get them frozen at Costco.


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    My kids love cheesy breadsticks with their pizza - they dip in marinara sauce, but for some lighter ideas ... I would think any kind of dip with veggies, we like a big tossed salad with lots of topping options - you could do a salad bar type thing with garbanzo beans, cheese, nuts, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, olives, pickles, etc.  I also like to have something like jello salads, especially kids love those.  And you could do an ice cream bar to go along with the treats that people bring - cookies and ice cream, what more could you want???????  Sounds like fun, have a great time!




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    Green Salad

    Pasta Salad

    Bread Sticks with Marinara


    Dessert Pizza

    Platter with Fruit ,cheese and/or Cold cuts

    Vegetable Tray


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    I too think that a nice Salad would be good ~ perhaps Spinach Salad with maybe some diced Chicken or even a Chicken Cesar Salad.

    Or an Appy tray


    Sausage Balls

    Spinach Squares

    Small  Meatballs with Sauce

    Chicken wings/ Celery sticks/ Blu  Cheese dressing

    Tortillina or Ravioli Salad

    Veggie Tray

    Mozzarella Sticks

    Sausage Skewers

    Chicken and Veggie Kabobs


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