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Bunny Car

Last post Mar 25, 2011 6:13 AM by harguthm . 10 replies.

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  • Bunny Car

    Hi Someone sent me a e mail about the bunny car. I am sorry I deleted it by accident, so I will post it here and hope they see it



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    That's so cute.  Wish I had the recipe....




    "Have a piggy perfect day!"
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    The recipe is on the pic It got cut off in the first e mail, I hope it works here


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    stills cuts it off, I have a meeting to go to now, but I will post the recipe when I get back


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    "Have a piggy perfect day!"
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    Absolutely adorable......  Thanks for posting this.  My Mom always made cut up cakes for our carnival cake walk when I was young.  Wish I had her book!!!! LOL

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    Here is the recipe persimmon posted....




    Bunny Buggy

    One Twinkie

    One Marshmallow Peeps Bunny

    2 T frosting

    4 gummy peaches or small cookies

    Red & white gumdrops, sliced in half

    Jelly candy, such as Mike and Ike

    Red or orange jelly beans

    Miniature white chocolate covered pretzel

    Using teaspoon, carefully carve out a small opening on top of the snack cake for the driver's seat. Push the bunny part-way into the hole.

    Using the back of the spoon, spread about 1/2 t. frosting on the back of each gummy peach or cookie. Press the wheels onto the car.

    Using dabs of frosting as glue, add red gumdrop slices for hubcaps and white ones for headlights; attach a jelly candy behind the bunny for the driver's seat back.

    Add jelly-bean slices on the lower back corners of the car for taillights. For the steering wheel, dab frosting on the white chocolate covered pretzel, make a small slit in the cake in front of the bunny, then gently push the pretzel in.

    Your bunny buggy is ready to ride-- and eat!

    Athena in DE


    "Have a piggy perfect day!"
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    I hope you don't mind me adding some more cute ideas.

    Run-Away Rabbit Racecar Snack Cakes

    Racecar Rabbits for Easter Treats for Kids
    Of all my recipes for Easter treats for kids, this one is probably my favorite. Why? Because they're even more fun to put together than they are to eat! If your kids are old enough, they can do the whole thing themselves. Got younger ones? They'll have a blast helping out.

    There's also no cooking involved... it's all about assembling and decorating these adorable little Rabbit Racecars.

    The ingredients list below is more of a suggestion than a real requirement. Get creative with the elements of this Easter treat for kids, and have fun with it!



    Ingredients (some or all of the following):
    Swiss Roll Snack Cakes or Twinkies (for the car)
    Marshmallow Bunny Peeps (the drivers!)
    Gummy Life Savers or Sour Rings (wheels and steering wheels)
    Mini sandwich cookies (wheels)
    M&M's, Sprees, or Sweet Tarts (headlights)
    Pez (license plates)
    Halved gummy rings or cookies (seat back)
    Chocolate or Vanilla Frosting (for the glue)

    Instructions: 1. Get all your candies unwrapped and cover a flat surface with waxed paper to work on.

    2. Place your frosting in a decorator's bag, or into a ziplock bag with just the very tip cut away so you can pipe out a small amount.

    3. In the bottom of each bunny Peep, slice a small V so he'll sit up on the car without tipping over.

    4. Using frosting as glue, stick the Peeps, wheels, seat backs, steering wheel, headlights, etc., where they should go on the car. Get creative!

    5. Get lots of "little mechanics" to help put together these fun Easter treats for kids-- it's a lot of fun!


    Easter Bunny Breakfast Biscuits

    Easter Breakfast Bunnies for KidsThese adorable bunny biscuits make a wonderful Easter treat for kids, or a super cute addition to your Easter brunch! And they come together in about 6 milliseconds, and are a ton of fun to make.

    Let the kids decorate them, them pop them in the oven and eat them warm. And get creative with the toppings! Here, I cover them with a bit of honey, but you can also think about rolling them in butter, then coating them with cinnamon and sugar, brushing them with maple syrup, sprinkling them with powdered sugar when they cool... you name it!

    This Easter kids recipe serves 8


    2 pkgs. (8 ct. each) Country Style Biscuits
    16 dried raisins (bunny eyes)
    8 dried cranberries (bunny noses)
    Slivered Almonds, as needed (bunny whiskers)
    1 tbsp. butter, melted
    2 tbsp. honey, warmed

    Instructions: 1. Preheat your oven to the temperature specified on your biscuits' packaging.

    2. To make your bunny biscuits, open your first biscuit package and arrange them on a baking sheet, leaving plenty of room between each one.

    3. Open your other package of biscuits and cut each one in half. Each half-biscuit will be one "ear." Attach two ears to each single biscuit to make your bunny head. Be sure they stick well so they won't come off-- I sometimes moisten the parts I'm trying to attach with a bit of milk.

    4. Make a bunny face on each biscuit using raisins, dried cranberries, and slivered almonds.

    5. Bake according to the package directions until golden and risen.

    6. Combine honey and butter in a small bowl and brush your bunny biscuits lightly, being careful not to dislodge your bunnies' facial features!

    7. Enjoy these fun Easter treats for kids for breakfast or as a snack with peanut butter and fruit! Or make them part of your Easter dinner menu!

    Pear-fect Funny Bunny Salad

    Adorable Pear Bunny Salad Kids Recipe for EasterConfused at the use of the phrase "Easter treats for kids" and salad in the same sentence? Well, this isn't a boring ol' grown-ups' salad. These adorable little pear bunnies are super cute, super easy to make, and really, really kid friendly. My suggestion? Prepare all the components ahead of time and let the kids assemble these all on their own. It's a ton of fun!

    Got kids that gag at the very idea of cottage cheese? You can make your bunny tails from Cool Whip or a large marshmallow, too... just don't let it sit too long before serving.

    Recipe serves 6.


    6 canned pear halves
    12 raisins
    3 maraschino cherries, halved
    12 slivered almonds, for ears, OR
    12 pieces of shaped carrot, for ears
    Cottage cheese, as needed, for tails

    Instructions: 1. Arrange the pears cut-side-down on a plate. You can either make a whole platter of bunny salads, or individual ones for each kid. But since they can't be moved after they're assembled, place them on their serving dishes now (I like to decorate mine with lettuce leaves).

    2. Make two slits at the front of the narrow side of the pear to insert the eyes. Make two slits at the top to insert the ears.

    3. Insert raisins for eyes and either shaped carrot pieces or slivered almonds (which are tasty but tend to look more like mice than rabbits) for ears. Add a halved cherry to the front of the pear for a nose.

    4. Add a dollop of cottage cheese to the back end of the bunny for a tail.

    5. Refrigerate these cute little Easter treats for kids until ready to serve.

    In loving memory of Suzy
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    Good Morning

    Yes that is the recipe I was going to type it and saw someone already did. I am asked about this every year, you would think I would have the recipe. I will now. thanks everyone, love the other ideas as well

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     That is so cute!   thanks so much Linda & everyone :)



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    I have 2 books.  They were put out by Baker's coconut.  Love them for making grandkids' birthday cakes. 

    Is there any particular one you would like?  I could probably scan it and send it to you