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Madeira vs. Marsala

Last post Dec 19, 2011 6:25 AM by Appy_Girl . 3 replies.

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  • Madeira vs. Marsala

    I've recently come across different chicken recipes that call for either madeira wine or marsala wine.  Just wondering what the difference in taste is between the two wines. 

  • Re: Madeira vs. Marsala

    I am not a wine expert, but if I remember right, Madiera is Portugese and Marsala is from Marsala, Italy.  I think they call them both fortified wine, whatever that means...Madiera is heated or cooked somehow before bottling~maybe even before aging.. It is quite a processTongue TiedMarsala has a higher alcohol content. Of course they are made from different grapes from different areas of the world. 

    I don't know much more than that other than I like Marsala better~Chicken Marsala to be exact! lol


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    Thank you.  I am wondering about the taste....I love marsala as well.  I would like to know if the madeira wine is similar in taste.

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    I too prefer the Marsala.  The taste is  personal thing.  I personally think that the Marsala, is slighlty sweeter and a little more refined with a wonderful after taste..

     The Maderia is drier and to me it seems a little Raw. May not be the right word but that is what comes to mind.

    Between the two the Marsala maybe higher priced.


    Another good comparsion  is between Dry white wine and Dry vermouth.   I find that the same two have basically the same comparison.  The wine seems a little Raw while the Vermouth after it has cooked in the recipe seems to be more defined. And it works really well in many recipes that call for White wine. And in some cases it maybe less expensive.




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